In-Game Color Display Issues on Linux?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Hitman47, Jul 12, 2012.

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    Fixed: Saving the PHP file in UTF-8 fixed it. Durp. Still odd that it works on windows!

    Hi I wrote a plugin for my server and I'm experiencing some weird issues - I was hoping someone could give some insight as I'm stuck.

    Here is what I am doing:
    1. Java Plugin Contacts PHP Server and requests information VIA HTTP
    2. Java Plugin messages player the information.

    What's not working? When running the server on linux (it appears that is the issue.. explained below) the colors do not appear.

    Screenshot Examples:
    Here is the Plugin working, below is a list of what I have tested.

    Running on Windows 7 64 bit, Java Version 1.7.0_05 64 bit. (Compiled on this computer)

    Here is it not working on linux. (Various version of java used)

    What was tried?
    I've tried just about everything I could think of to narrow down what is causing it, and I think it's linux. Any ideas?

    Windows 7 64 bit + Java 1.7.0_05 64 bit = Works (Screenshot 1)
    Debian 6 64bit + Java 1.7.0 64 bit = Failure to Display
    Debian 5 32 bit + Java 1.7.0_4 32 bit = Failure to Display
    Debian 5 32 bit + Java 1.7.0_5 32 bit = Failure to Display

    The Plugin Code
    Basically I use HTTP to get an output similar to:
    "&6[Server] Hello" which I then gets sent to the player using CommandSender sender.sendMessage(entry). (The & appears weirdly on the screenshot because char(167) is used from PHP. I've tried the other characters with the same result.

    I think that's basically all the information I've got. Any ideas or tips on how to try and figure it out are appreciated, thanks.
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