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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Onewingseraphim, Jan 2, 2014.

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    Hello I'm the Server Owner of [ <Removed advertising - Necrodoom> ] and it's being hosted from MCProHosting servers, and I was able to play earlier today, but an hour ago I started getting problems!

    At first I couldn't login due to "bad login" the password and email/username were correct as usual.
    Then eventually I could get into Minecraft but when I joined my server I'd just fall through the floor, nothing would be loaded, I could see mobs and players (or NPCs), and after 30 or so seconds I'd get kicked and get " Internal Exception: Read Time Out ".
    Even as I'm posting this I'm trying to connect to the server, I'm seeing gradually more chunk area being loaded but anything I do isn't being sent server side players are just seeing me stand there and I get kicked.

    Yes I have Restarted my computer, Yes I've tried using a different computer on my network, Yes I've rebooted my router/modem, Yes I've restarted my server, Java is Up to Date!

    Other players are having ZERO issues, it seems to only apply to me and people on my network, BUT it's ONLY on my server, I can get on ANY other server with no issues whatsoever! If someone could help me I'd love them forever! It's really important that I get this issue resolved so I can host my server! :/

    EDIT: I managed to finally get on and I was instantly killed, but I was finally able to use commands and play normally, I have absolutely no idea what caused it or fixed it but if anyone has any ideas let me know for future reference or if anyone else is having this problem.
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    Minecraft login & session services took a bit of a hit today, and that may have been the problem when trying to connect to your server. Other than that, there are no plugins / configs / errors from console that you've listed to hint towards anything else.
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