In a perfect world, what do you look for in a RPG plugin?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Windwaker, Oct 23, 2011.

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    My Opinion:

    - Item economy (gold coins for example)

    - Contract Deeds between Players so players could work for other players and automatically get payd for what they do.

    - Skills limiting or making player actions more difficult, such as an unexperienced minner could break pickaxes more quickly mining, and could miss to extract some minerals.

    - Region Protection based on player groups. We got something like this, Towny / Factions.

    - Instanced Worlds / Dungeons for quests and challenges
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    What's "more"? :p And all of that is planned (besides "more" because that's a little vague)


    1. Item economy which is highly customizable so you can give the item custom worth, texture, pickup sound, etc. + uses all major economy plugins
    2. Contract deeds sound interesting I will consider them but this sounds more along the lines of questing ;) (kinda)
    3. Skills: I won't be limiting things but rather improving abilities as you improve. e. g. Player 'x' has a mining level of 1 so his double drop chances are low, Player 'y' has a mining level of 2 so his double drop chances are greater then player 'x' 's chances
    4. I'm not sure region protection falls under the RPG category and maybe left best for other plugins.
    5. Dungeons - Planned :)
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    Do you plan on adding a character customization screen for the race selection and stuff? :)
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    In a perfect world, you'd get Skillz.
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    I'm not sure yet, possibly
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    Instances. Bam, I said it.
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    Hmm I'm not much of a WoW player, could you explain instances a bit more?

    Also, what do guys think about using Citizens api? Would you guys prefer to use citizens or a seperate NPC system altogether

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    Which doesn't look like anything different from yet another knockoff of mcMMO or levelcraft... Except that there's nothing to Skillz except leveling. So basically it just tracks arbitrary numbers for doing things :-/

    @WalkerCrouse - Instances are dungeons that a group of players enters to fight monsters (and bosses) in. Only the party is inside the dungeon, and anyone attempting to enter the dungeon will instead be spawned into their own private instance of the dungeon rather than the dungeon the other party is in.

    If you're trying to do an all-inclusive RPG why not hook up with Rycochet on mmoCore and it's helper plugins?

    This wont work for a skill-centric plugin. You'll have to decide if you want a skill-centric system (like mcMMO), or a class/level centric system (like Heroes).
    The closest you could get to bridging level/skill based is like what ElderScrolls does, but that still doesn't do like class restrictions or classes at all except in name.
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    @Sleaker :O
    I'm working on the rest. And it's not a knockoff, it's basically a continuation of afraidSkills, but not quite.
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    I will most likely release a test build shortly after the release of an RB for spout, and bukkit for 1.0.0
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    Thank's for all of your suggestions guys, I have taken into account what has been said and almost all of your suggestions I plan to implement into GuildCraft. If you would like to follow the project further watch this thread :)
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