Important - 15 character limit on signs

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by .$pIrit, Apr 22, 2011.

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    first off all... why do you throw an exception for signs with more than 15 chars? -.-

    But to the topic: If you limit the characters to 15 please dont count color-codes as 2 chars. Dont count them at all.
    Its horrible annoying that i get an exception if i use a color with 15 chars.

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    Iam not a plugin developer, but iam also interested in some facts about this decision.
    As an server administrator i have to guarantee a maximum uptime.
    This fails when plugins are forced to change their normal behavior.

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    Agreed although I would like to keep 15+ chars on my signs...
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    And @Simanova @asdaarg

    This is a limit imposed by Minecraft 1.5 that we are now forcing on all signs. It is either this or any clients that see a sign with text consisting of more than 15 characters per line will throw an exception and crash/disconnect. It is out of our hands, though we are still looking into if we can solve this some other way.
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