Problem/Bug I'm having some problems with PermissionsEX/LegendChat

Discussion in 'General Help' started by AxelPereira, Jul 21, 2015.

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    Hello, my name is Axel, i recently bought a server and i am trying to setup my permissions and they won't show me the prefix.


    When I write in game there's not prefix and when i try /pex it gives me an insane error to report and a little thing saying me to setup the "default: true" and I already did. Im using legend chat but it isn't showing it up there's no channels

    Here's the list of my plugins:
    - AntiBotUltra
    - Authme
    - Automessage
    - Autosaveworld
    - BanItem
    - ChestShop
    - ClearLag
    - CustomServerMessage
    - EnjinMinecraftPlugin
    - Essentials
    - EssentialsSpawn
    - Iconomy
    - LegendChat <----- Not Working channels
    - PermissionsEX
    - ProSpam
    - SpotProtection
    - Vault
    - VipShop
    - WorldEdit
    - WorldGuard
    LegendChat config (open)

    language: en
    default_channel: local
    use: false
    channel: bungeecord
    check_for_updates: true
    log_to_bukkit: false
    use: false
    time: 10
    block_repeated_tags: true
    show_no_one_hears_you: true
    block_shortcuts_when_cancelled: true
    force_remove_double_spaces_from_bukkit: true
    send_fake_message_to_chat: true
    maintain_spy_mode: false
    use_async_chat_event: true
    hidden_player_as_hide: true
    text_to_tag: []
    default: '{color}[{nick}] {groupprefix}{prefix}{bprefix2}{bprefix}&f{sender}{bsuffix}{suffix}{groupsuffix}{color}: {msg}'
    bungeecord: '{color}[{nick}] -{server}- {groupprefix}{prefix}{bprefix2}{bprefix}&f{sender}{bsuffix}{suffix}{groupsuffix}{color}: {msg}'
    spy: '&8[SPY] &7{msg}'
    send: '&7To &2{receiver}&7: {msg}'
    receive: '&7From &2{sender}&7: {msg}'
    spy: '&8[SPY] &f{ignored} &7[{sender} -> {receiver}] {msg}'
    use: true
    - censor_with_stars
    - censor_with_replace;replace_here

    P.S: If there is anything else that i can change in other plugins that can be the problem please say,( i did not config essentials yet) Thank you and please be quick i've a paid host.
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    do a restart on your server, not /reload and put your entire logs/latest.log file into
    Share the link here
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    Make sure you have EssentialsChat. Also, are you running your server in offline mode?
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    Problem Solved. The problem was line 29 in essentials. change-displayname: true you've change it to false so it as to be like: change-displayname: false
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