I'm getting "Connection Lost Received string length longer-" (more information inside)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by sandmankim, Mar 23, 2012.

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    Ok so i host a 24/7 server from Avante Hosting and recently i keep getting "Connection Lost, Internal Exception: java.io.IOException: Received string length longer than maximum allowd (173 > 119).

    I do not know what the problem is nor do the service providers. They just seem to tell me to delete some plugins which is not very helpful in my opinion and since i'm using bukkit, i came here for help from you guys.

    It's really odd about this error because other people seem to log in fine without any problem except me which is getting really annoying how i have to reset the whole server just for me to join which in return, we lost a lot of players because they don't want to handle the resets:

    Plugin List -
    -World Edit
    -World Guard

    I just want this problem fixed so that i can go back to my server and play.
    Here is the IP to my server if you want to check -


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    I had the same problem. Updating craftbukkit and plugins worked for me
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    Fixed in a later Craftbukkit build.
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    Returns back in latest RB
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    I've been getting this on the latest bukkit. Had to rollback to a dev build because of it.
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