I'm coding a plugin-managing application, will you use it? What else should I include?

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Do you develop plugins, and would you release them with a .bpf file?

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  3. No, and I'm going to post and tell you why, because I'm nice.

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    The program is going to use a custom plugin format (.bpf), that stores all the plugin's files and folders (or their download URLs) into one file that can be used to 'install' on a server.
    Right now the program's features are as follows:
    • Dependency support (for *.* files, or bpf files)
      • As included files, or download URLs
      • Can be optional
      • Custom install directories
    • Updating support
    • Settings support
      • Plugin consumers will be able to change settings through the application (although it won't be able to restart the server!!)
      • Developers will be able to tell the program which file contains the settings, as well as descriptions for each settings (and default values)
        • Possible support for multiple settings files
    • Developers will be able to create .bpf files within the program's GUI
    • Consumers will be able to inspect .bpf files for descriptions, creators, their website, and their email.

    My main question is:
    What features will you, as the consumer, or as the developer, want? And would you develop plugins for it? (No changes to the plugins themselves would have to be made)

    The program will be cross platform (Mac OS, Windows, and Linux) and require no dependencies itself (Not even Java :eek:)
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    It sounds like a great idea. But one question, do you mean that you will be able to download any plugin or is this something like a plugin manager?
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    When people post plugins to the list/forum. You would download the .bpf instead of the zip or jar. And the program would handle the file and everything else.
    Adding a list reader to it would be interesting though.
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    TnT Retired Staff

    Why don't you offer to help with Fill, instead of creating this, which would get replaced by Fill eventually anyway?
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    I don't even know what Fill is..
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    Bump :S
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    Ask him
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    Fill is the future-coming Plugin managing system, which will allow you to go to fill.bukkit.org and download plugins. Or at least, That's what I thought.
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    Well, that's discouraging.
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