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Base the Economy with?

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    A new emerald economy based entirely off of emeralds made for my server I have Skream my helper (who does a lot) making it because im not a coder we plan on adding it to the server
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    Will you be releasing it to public?
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    You could just use iConomy's itemdb and set the major item to be emeralds :p
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    This is also made for a lot of other aspects also its part of another plugin coming out that will take even longer to make so its not even posted yet


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    I don't understand the point of rewriting things that already written. If I had known about iconomys itemdb, I might never have written GoldIsMoney which also does this. Also, you should think about hooking into Vault if you want to make this usable to any decent base.
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    did they make it so when you right click signs it pops up the villager trading gui?
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    I see, you're not trying to make a new economy, you're looking to create a a shop or trade interface that uses emeralds and the villager gui. An "economy" as is normally used in bukkit is a plugin (like iConomy or BOSEconomy) that facilitates a monetary unit which can be hooked into by other plugins (such as ChestShop, floAuction, Towny, Factions, etc.) as a means of selling or purchasing goods and/or services. Writing a whole new economy just to access the villager gui is overkill because the Villager gui is only capable of trading actual items, which would have to be converted in some manner anyways (like GoldIsMoney and iConomy's itemdb already do) to facilitate linking with other plugins.

    Besides this, I don't think Bukkit is ready to be hooked into in the manner you desire to use the interface. It also didn't seem like there was a cap on trades which could be controlled on the server side in a way that would be passed to the client readily. But, nevertheless, good luck on your adventure.
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    Actually, Shopkeepers allows you to use actual Villagers for trading.
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