Idea - Updatr, but easier.

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by ARkaniad, Feb 24, 2011.


Bukkit plugin updater plugin?

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    So back on hey0, there was/is a mod called Updatr. What it does is take a small descriptor file and will check every time the plugin is launched for updates. Now that we have dynamic plugin loading / unloading via commands & methods (If i assume correctly, haven't really looked into it.) we can make an updater plugin that updates every so often by itself.

    Of course, the versions would have to be confirmed by the person running the update command, who could also pick which updates not to install.

    Basically, instead of .updatr files, which is really annoying, we would have plugins and their makers provide their own metadata, whether programmatically or in the form of a .yml file somewhere easy to access by other plugins. I'm hesitant to speak of .yml becuase the whole idea is a system that 'just works'.

    Of course, maybe this is already being worked on by the bukkit plugin itself, but the idea is nice enough to the point that I'd consider working on it myself if I receive a lot of positive feedback on this topic.

    So if ya want it, post here.

    (mods, move thread at will, in hindsight this thread should go into plugin discussion.)
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    Isn't this what fillr will ultimately provide?
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    Basically. From what I've read at least.
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    I know I'm repeating myself, but you really want to download updates and test them and then upload them to the server, not update them by a plugin itself...
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    Updatr just gave a warning if there was an update available. It also had a separate program that would download and install the update.
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