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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by ikkyblob, Apr 25, 2011.

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    Basically, I want a simple plugin that lets you easily create groups (and assign players to them) and add commands to them from the chatbox.

    The basic Ideas for commands are:
    /creategroup <group name> - makes a group with that name
    /setgroup <group name> <group state> - Sets that group to one of the following states:
    Default: all users can use this group's commands
    Jailed: user can only use this group's commands
    Admin: all commands are availible
    /setinheritence <inherited command's group> <group that inherits commands> - lets you make one group also get to use the commands of another
    /addcommands <group name> <command name(s)> - Add the the commands in a space separated list to a group
    /disablecommands <group name> <command name(s)> - disables listed commands for that group
    /assignplayers <playername> <groupnames separated be spaces> - assigns a player to listed group(s)

    I'm sorry if this is Nether to code, but I know many people will enjoy it's ease and simplicity!
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    Ok, I'm not sure, but is nobody interested, or just nobody viewing it that can be interested?
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    I know that, but I want to do it from my client and not have to make complicated .txt files myself and restart the server every time I edit one!
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    That's not enough for me, I also want to be able to add groups and edit them, not just put people into them!
  7. Thats GroupManager you are talking about, isnt it? xD

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