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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Tikii, Jan 4, 2011.

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    Ok so i know its not everyone who will like this but its just an idea. Wouln't it be easier to implement a GUI in plugin then all you would have to do is type IE: /GUI WorldEdit or /GUI NPC then the GUI box would pop up and all your function would be there, no more / commands it would ease things up and would decrease time consumption.

    Let me know what you think, if this is possible ... or not .... :D
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    Sounds a little easier, although i found the hMod commands quite easy to get used to, you just had to ask around if you did not know what something did :)
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    TBH IMO if your to lazy to learn some basic commands why are you even bothering to play a time consuming game building large structures?
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    Yay undue hostility.

    Unfortunately it is not very possible to do that. All these plugins interact with the server code. The only way you and your client can interact with the server beyond what is in vanilla minecraft is through the chat interface. Modding the client is required to add anything to the GUI. That means the gui mod will have to be updated every patch, unlike the plugins which (usually) do not.
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    No need to post those unwanted comments...
    Also all the GUI could do is create a table with the commands instead of having to memorize them all or doing some back and forth on the web. and once you would click on the command all it would do is enter it for you, saving you time since this is a "Time consumming game" Maby you could use some of this time to relax and not flame some others thread.... :D
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    you can't make a GUI to SMP, that would require a SP mod. Get a keyboard with macroable keys if you don't want to write.
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    The only part that annoys me is players not being bothered to learn simple commands then they poke me instead about /money and how to use it.
    And as toi said this would require a Client side mod aswell and is more easily remedied with macro keys
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    no need for client sided... Also if your against it no problem, im sure someone somewhere likes this
    I have nothing against / commands and i understand them no problem, im just trying to ease things with one plugin
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    If there's "no need for client sided", how do you think it would work? You simply can not show any GUI on the client side without doing something TO the client side. hMod and Bukkit are both exclusively server-side mods.
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    How about a third party then ?
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    It would be much easier if you had a doc open with all the commands and what they did. No need for programmers to jump through hoops so someone can have a GUI to look at. It wouldn't even take long before you memorized the bulk of those commands. It just doesn't seem practical to have a GUI for something like this.
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    What may work instead is a web interface. As bukkit is going to use sql this should be *relatively* trivial.
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    the databases will only store data...i don't see how you could run in game commands through database manipulation...actually i do see how, but it wouldn't be very convenient for the mod to constantly update the database for "commands to run per player", especially for sqlite (not really server based I'm pretty sure).
    Also yes, an in-game GUI requires a client-sided mod that the server itself cannot provide to the player on connect, it would have to modify the client directly.
    If you personally have trouble remembering or typing the commands, i suggest you compile yourself a list and/or use keyboard macros. (as mentioned)

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