Idea of plugin : fruit of the devil, one piece [Fun]

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    I have an idea for a good and fun plugin : the fruits of the devil .
    I'm french and i'm not very good in english, but i can to explain you :
    I want a plugin which, when we enter the command, we give a power of a fruit.

    I want 1 command for 1 power, and I have ideas for powers (they are possible)

    If you want to give me this plugin, contact me on my mail adress : [email protected]

    I prefer if you speak french ^^

    Thank you a lot
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    That would be requiring spout or tekkit...
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    TnT, or md_5, or any other mod, please move this to the plugin request forums.
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    Moved to correct forum, but I suggest reading the sticky advising how to format your request for the best result.
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    Well, I like the idea, one piece and all, but like, you'll need gold apple for fruit, and it decrease hunger (since it tastes like ****) And if you eat it, you get certain powers, at random
    But only a few kinds of fruit... since if u want more you'll need tekkit or spout...
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    I could make one where if you have, say, a watermelon, and type /eat, it'll eat the watermelon and apply a configurable potion effect. You could also use another plugin I just made (
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    I too would like this plugin.Make it where if you did eat a fruit you cant swim, make fruit grow anywhere, and make it where you can eat only one. Everyone can only have one fruit if they eat two it will ask you to pick one and destroy the other.So there will always be fruits in the world.Make the zoan fruits (animal fruit)when you eat a zoan fruit you will have access to mobdisguise into only one mob of the fruit you ate and it will have special abilities.(ex:Inu Inu no mi, model Wolf may mobdisguise into a mad wolf with red eyes and get strength boosts and speed boosts,Inu Inu no mi model jackal can be a tamed wolf same abilty, and a wild wolf can be Inu Inu no mi model husky again same powers ).I prefer putting that in the configure for me so I can edit what animal gets what.Make it have a command like ex:df transform.Ill have more ideas later but for now peace

    ninjawolfog One Piece devil fruits...

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