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    I have this idea because there are some people on my server
    They just have too much money and don't use it.
    This problem is bad and should disappear.

    This is how the plugin should work
    1.Take away your money by % over the amount of in-game days.
    2.The more money you have, the higher % you will get
    3.if your money amount is below a specific amount. The system won't take away your money.

    There should be a few changeable settings.
    1.The percentage of tax.
    2.Time between each tax.
    3.The standard of how we raise the percentage with the money we have.
    4.The minimal amount that we won't be tax.

    That's the basic idea of this plugin.

    iConomy should have some plugin like this that can work with.

    Thanks for your time :)
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    NOOOO.... just about to post the same thing :p
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    Oh god, I hate taxes. Now you must implement it to a sever?
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