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    Hello guys,ZephyrSigmar over there!

    You know there's a lots of plugin requests in Bukkit Forums,however sometimes the requesters doesn't take them over or if it was a $ project they disappear without payment.
    I just had an incident like this,which took 6 hours of my saturday,and this isn't the first case it happens to me!
    A lot of developers time is getting consumed with this kind of projects and it's very sad.

    How about a rating system,where users can rate each other,just like on E-Bay? (@ks07 thanks for the idea).
    It can be a developer or a requester,it doesn't counts!
    What counts is before you start to work on a requested project you take a look at the requester's rating,or before a requester requests a private plugin from a developer he can take a look at the developer's rating too.
    As i mentioned above this system will want to filter the liars,and ones who consumes time of people who actually try to help this community.
    However,this rating system will have to be in Bukkit Forums,so this version requires the help of the Bukkit Forum admins.

    My other idea is a blacklist,which is a website what i'll going to create if the first version doesn't get implemented to the Forums.
    To that website after registering you can send Bukkit Forum usernames with reason why are you want to put him (/them) to the blacklist.After that a moderator,or an admin on my site review you report and choice if your report is getting accepted or not.If it got accepted this username and reason get to public list where people can check out who's blacklisted.

    Finally the guy's informations who lied to me and to V10lator yesterday and , please watch out,don't make him any plugin, because it's just a waste of time:
    Nickname: Lynax
    Skype ID: xkerimkocak
    Server Name: DarkPassage (A Turkish server)
    Server IP:
    Server Website: IDK,if they has one and someone know it pls someone tag me in this thread with their info.
    Bukkit username: -K-
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    This sounds like a good thing, but wouldn't it be better if it went both ways? I've noticed that when people offer money on their requests, there's usually a large group of people clamouring to get the job. Looking at it from the user's point of view, how do they decide who to go with? Some form of 'review' system for both developers and requesters might be better, so it's helpful to both sets of people. (Like the rating system on eBay, for example.)
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    Good idea,thanks for your post :)
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    I edited your poll, but I need to reinforce that Bukkit doesn't support trading of actual currencies for plugins, if you lose money (or time) then it is your own fault.

    I do agree with this thread though, and if you clean it up a fair bit, I may think about stickying it.
  5. In theorie you're right, but -K- requested plugins from me, too, and now he says he payed ZephyrSigmar and me, which is simply not true.
    So if he could rate us, I'm sure he would lie in that rating, too. :(
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    How about people with 1.00/5.00 rating (need more then 3 rating) can't vote on other users?
    It sounds fair i think.
    Edit: Archelaus I cleaned it up,if anything's missing please inform me.
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  7. So a user needs at least 3 ratings before he can rate others and if his rating isn't good enough he can't rate? Yes, that sounds better, but then we need a starting group of trusted users.
    But as bukkit doesn't support such trades it will never happen as an official bukkit service, so we have to develop a 3rd party website for that. Users will have to sync their accounts for that to work. But how do you want to handle that in a safe way?

    We (you :p) should open an IRC room to figure out the details. ;)
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    I don't have any idea on how to do account syncing,because this will must need modification on Bukkit's site too.
    My only idea is a registering user can give his Bukkit username,and the plugin will check if there's any Bukkit user with this name,and if yes then add it to this user's account details.1 Bukkit account can be synced to only 1 account on the site.
    This is my only idea but this can be bad cuz users can easily give fake data for their Bukkit username. :(
  9. ZephyrSigmar remember the beginning of bukkitDev? You could do something similar: Your site gives a hash, the user has to set this hash as profile state, then he klicks a button on your side, it checks if the profile state == the hash. Also he has to have the same username so users can rate him before he even registers himself.
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    looks like a good idea from my end. could fail miserably in practice, though.

    zephyr -- hope you're feeling better, since you were sick a week ago! :)
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    Yeah,it's sounds possible and kinda easy.Thanks for remembering me of this hash thing :)
    Thanks,however,i'm still sick,i'll really have to find some time to finish up your plugin,but as you can see i have some troubles with my projects nowadays..
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    that's okay! we're patient. you've been sick forever now, i feel bad. i expected you to say you were healthy now. :(

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