I'd like some assistance choosing between: CommandBook and Essentials.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Fran55on, Aug 18, 2012.

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    ..repharse sentence?

    how does bugs from essentials for bukkit for beta 1.6.6 has to do with this?
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    How did 1.6 get brought up? >_> I never once said a version... While I've decided that there is no point debating about Essentials as I just noticed your signature...
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    the last time an actual command conflict was reported was around beta 1.6.6, which is why i cant understand you point.
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    Okay basically I've decided I don't want to continue on with this debate any more, I would rather not list the reasons as they would sound rather spiteful.
    Hopefully I've not offended you in anyway and if I have I apologize, I would rather end this conversation in good terms that actually start a flame war which I could see happening very soon...
    I would appreciate it if you could please drop this conversation we are having as I've asked you nicely and I do not want make a new enemy.

    Thanks for the borderline debate/argument, It was entertaining at first but I can see this ending ugly and I would rather just drop it now. Sorry if I offended you and good bye.

    Best regards
  5. I'll join this thread to say the same thing I usually say.

    If anyone knows of ANY command conflicts let me know. I rewrote the Essentials command handler probably 9 months or so ago. The result being that if any plugins try to register their commands with bukkit, Essentials will pass over control of that command to the other plugin automatically. Since doing this I've not heard of a command conflict.

    If anyone knows of any decent plugin functionality conflict, let me know also, Essentials should disable its own eco system if you use any Register or Vault plugin. There shouldn't really be anything else... Unless your trying to use EssentialsChat with mChat or iChat etc.

    But regardless, let me know if anyone hears of any real issues.

    Edit: Thanks Necrodoom.
    (Necrodoom is one of the volunteer helpers on our IRC support channel, I think he's clocked more hours in the last month than 2nd and 3rd place put together.)
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    It's actually nothing like that.

    I have 46 plugins at the moment, and I've had up to 65 at times. Again, never an issue I couldn't resolve by editing one line.

    If you can't give any examples then you aren't giving us anything but unbridled...

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    Even though this wasn't directed at you I'm just going to leave this here...
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    Hey, that's cool. I'm not really interested in debate either but I would still ask people to be a bit more cautious when slamming plugins unless they can back it up with actual examples. Otherwise they're just spreading FUD instead of helping to actually improve those plugins. And the plugin they love and defend today may be abandoned tomorrow, forcing them to take a second look at the competition which they previously "hated."

    Devs from at least 2 of the plugins in question here were in this very thread asking to help improve or resolve issues with them and that's fantastic! We've all had the experience of trying to get help with or give feedback on a plugin and the developer simply won't respond.

    Finally, I think Essentials, CommandBook, and CommandEX are all just great. I chose the best match for my server and everyone else should do the same :)

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    I used to use essentials but now .. i will use CommandBook
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    Show Spoiler

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    Edited your image into a spoiler. Please keep image macros in offtopic.
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    ah thanks. I got carried away :p
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    Well, you lasted almost a week before breaking your word. I guess that's good?

    I wonder if you insult your customers about their plugin choices too :p
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    Oh well :3

    As for insulting customers, I only do so when they ask for plugin recommendations :D
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    Hello every one!

    Now it's Sunday and I have the time to write a long post.

    First I like to say that I've checked in and read almost every day.

    Although the subjective opinions is of some significance, so gives a "bickering" about which plug-in is best on your server, no knowledge that I can use for making my choice, for my server.

    I think Tanitesaid it best:
    Until CarlosArias604 brought it up, I had never heard of CommandsEX. (And when I write this, I still haven't looked it up, but I will do that soon.) CommandsEX might very well a valid alternative for me.

    There has been talk about how many commands Essentials have and how that means I can use fewer plugins. Since I like my server to be "fairly vanilla", I only want a few commands, but the right commands to make the server become what I want it to be. As there will be only a few plugins, is the risk of conflicts minimal (but I realize that the risk still exist though).

    Some comparisons I made. CommandBook depends on WorldEdit, while Essentials consists of several *.jar files. When searching I have found more useful information about settings for CommandBook then for Essentials. (When I write this, I still haven't looked up CommandsEX, but I will do that soon.)

    In the very first reply Kieron Etherimgton recommend Worldguard over EpicZones. As with CommandsEX, I haven't looked in to Worldgard yet. But I will. The argument that it will replace NoEntityGrief I fined hard to believe, but I will look in to that to. Worldguard might be a valid option to.

    That's all my comments on the previous posts, on to add facts about what I want.

    The reason I started this thread is that I'm not sure which commands or functions I need, only what I want the result to be. Therefore I describe the groups I'm planning and what they should be capable of. And after that, what other (non group related) things I'd like to do on my server. Since I want a fairly "vanilla" game, there will only be a few.

    Group User: Basic "vanilla" game play. Plus: Be able to request to teleport to another player. Be able to accept or deny another player teleporting to you. Be able to set and use "home warps". Be able to use (but not set) warp signs. And maybe be able to set time.

    Group Builder (trusted user): Inherits User. Plus: Be able to give items (building materials and some tools) to them self. Be able to set warp signs. Be able to set time.

    Group Moderator: Inherits User. Plus: Be able to Kick or ban users.

    Group Trusted moderator: Inherits Moderator. Plus: be able to Ban IP. Be able to Pardon (unban) user and/or IP.

    The commands given to the groups are examples given in order to describe the groups. A few more might be added.

    Now none group related.

    I plan to surround the spawn area with a village/small town with a town wall. The village and wall will be protected (no building and no destroying) and no hostile mobs shall spawn in there. Players will be granted small plots of land in the village to build on.

    PVP will be turned off world wide, except for some PVP-arenas. Nothing says that any of these shapes are regular, so the polygon capability of EpicZones is very helpful.

    I like to permanently move the default spawn on the map. (A.k.a. move the spot/area where players originally spawn when they enter the server and respawn after death.)

    I also plans to go far, far away and start my own secret construction, it to shall be protected. And to travel back and forth I like to use a private warp. And I also need to prevent others from teleport to me when I'm working on it.

    Now I think you have all the information you need to assess what I need to create the server I've imagined.

    Best regards Magnus Fransson.
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    since you already chosen a region plugin, you basically only need the addition of warp signs, request teleport, and possibly itemname support for /item, aswell as a permission plugin (any would work fine, you arent doing anything big)

    you could probably just search and install the plugin you want. all 3 plugins in the discussion (commandEX, commandbook, essentials) would probably have this features, and i think all 3 plugins allow you to disable unneeded features, leaving just these you want, without increased lag.
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    Let me correct a mix up of terminology. When I said I'd like to use a private spawn what I meant was a private warp.

    I also realized that I like to permanently move the default spawn on the map. (A.k.a. move the spot/area where players originally spawn when they enter the server and respawn after death.)

    I have updated this in the post above.

    Best regards Magnus Fransson.
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    private warp is another name of /home, pretty much.
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    With any of the mentioned packages, you can decide which of the commands to give your users (and therefore which are featured on your server) by giving them the permission for it. No permission means they can't use it. Here's the command list for Essentials. The others should be on their respective plugin pages. Use the 'View Permissions Only' link there to see the corresponding permissions or click on the command in question for a little more info.

    I don't have much experience with EssentialsSpawn, which I believe handles their home/spawn functionality. I long ago fell in love with HomeSpawnPlus. It is very configurable, depending what you want for your server and you will have to spend some time to set it up properly. There is documentation there and the dev seems responsive. I use it to control where new users spawn, where people spawn when they die, and to give my users 2 homes per world that they can set and teleport to whenever they want. If you do go with Essentials for your main command package but choose HSP for home/spawn, you can still access Essentials warp commands. I mostly use that for admin bookmarks but you can grant users the ability to travel to warp points via Essentials warp signs or by giving them the warp command permission (global or just for one warp). There's so many ways to configure your server. In any case, you will have to read the documentation and experiment to see what you like.

    Good luck :)
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    Kind of. EssentialsSpawn handles /spawn and /setspawn; all of the home-related features are through the core (Essentials.jar).
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    I use both CB and Ess. I removed some unneeded commands which I dont use, they both work. I know some will say Essentials is crap, but for me isn't. I don't even get a lag. I'd prefer CommandBook, I used this plugin before Essentials, but Ess has commands which CB doesn't. eg: antioch, economy, jail and whatever commands I like)
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    does commandbook use use mcstats. i just looked on the website says essentials is number one with almost 100,000 live servers using it but i went down the top 100 plugins and did not see commandbook on the list
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    No sk plugins use metrics.
    Though, if you look at downloads, (according to DBO):
    Essentials: 930,602
    CommandBook: 334,649
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    Yea but wouldn't you need to re-download the plugin each time for an update? Cause if I none of Sk's plugins update often, Not that they need it. :p
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    scanning metrics, about less than 20 people download each devbuild, which doesnt add up into much.
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    Why do you think I meant Dev build... Looking at some records on Bukkit Dev it kinda makes sense that Essentials has so many more downloads... Sk's plugins rarely update, 6 recorded updates on Bukkit Dev; While Essentials has 3 pages of downloads...
    Quite a bit of them are in the hundreds and only 3 with 6 digits on the downloads as the same with CommandBook.

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    The only required updates are when minecraft itself updates.
    Also, to be fair, DBO is not the primary mirror of either plugin, so the download counts are probably much higher for both.
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    Say again? Did not catch what you are saying except the first line, But anyway they have recommended builds...
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    point is that there are more places to download each plugin than that site, so the actual number of downloads is quite higher. anyway, you can see from server list plugins which plugin is more used, but it doesnt really matter, since it ends up at which plugin is better for you, and the answer would be what is more comfortable for you.
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    Test server: get Essentials. Server for friends: get Essentials. Production server: get CommandsEX. IMO, anyway.
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