I'd like some assistance choosing between: CommandBook and Essentials.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Fran55on, Aug 18, 2012.

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    Welcome to Bukkit. Please read up on what you should know before posting.. Just FYI, sk89q made WorldEdit, WorldGuard, CommandBook, and the first IC's plugin, Craftbook. He's no noob..
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    Relax guys, when he said 'sk89q is obviously a noob' What he really meant to say was 'sk89q is a great coder, one of bukkit's best, who helped get bukkit on its feet when it first started and has coded many many great plugins which are vital to many server such as WorldEdit, WorldGuard and CommandBook, the list just goes on. All of the plugins he codes are of the highest quality and even if they aren't i can't complain seeing as there is no way in hell i could make a plugin which can compare with the great work of sk89q'
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    I use all sk89q plugins except CommandBook/Craftbook, its got nothing I need.

    It was only useful when it provided the custom jar download, back when you could just select some of the useful features that it provided and avoid command conflicts. Like the more fancy /debug options, and fun /slap , /rocket and erm yeh that's about it.

    For everything else Essentials beats it (setting your server up to make the most of what Essentials offers to make the most of what it stores in its player flatfiles makes a lot of sense.. ie You could go the route of picking a dozen other plugins to take care of things like Economy (iconomy etc), but you might realize how stupid that is in the long run when you start to rely on many different plugins and you get more conflicts and outdated plugins falling off the radar later on..) Essentials does a lot more and its updated regularly.

    CommandBook is kinda retarded aswel and is not without plugin conflicts... and /god doesn't work as toggle command on self... that's just lame, instead you have to use /ungod on self... . The kind of noobs who bad mouth Essentials, don't realize why it is the most popular plugin for a reason.

    Essentials is active and those who have problems with it are generally running bad setups and poor at finding the better plugins and configuring them.

    Noob server owner: Essentials.
    Advances server owner: CommandBook

    ^ That's just plain silly, just because more people use Essentials and very few use CommandBook doesn't say anything about all server owners :p

    Elitist server owner.. Bukkit loads of all the best plugins configured nicely.
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    Essentials is user friendly, however CommandBook needs A LOT more work before it gets there.
    Not to mention that Essentials keeps more updated with the latest CraftBukkit builds. Don't expect updates from CommandBook.
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    *Cough* Someone doesn't know the meaning to mocking *Cough*
    Yea but seriously just made yourself sound more retarded, The word you were looking for sarcasm.
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    If you think CommandBook lacks in features, you never bothered to actually explore how to hook into it and extend it's functionality and add totally new functions and commands.

    That is exactly why someone above somewhat jokingly summed it up as "Noob admin = Essentials, Not so noob = CommandBook"

    It's because some people expect to download a (Windows) .zip file, double-click it, and be done with it as an "Owner".
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    Just so that no one thinks I abandoned my own thread.

    Thank you very much for your efforts.
    I return later with comments and more information.

    Best regards Magnus Fransson.
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    Sure it does.. build.sk89q.com
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    I've had troubles with both. Essentials for being too bloated and commandbook for being glitchy for me. At the end of the day though I went with Essentials because it has a nice /back feature, though really knowing how plugins work it wouldn't be too hard to just get a plugin that can do that. But alas, even though I'm an advanced server owner (almost 2 years now), I go with essentials because I've just run out of steam. Drag drop, configure permissions, I'm done before it gets too dark :)

    Now I'm quite into coding plugins so I plan on developing my own command suite plugin. I probably won't release it to the public because there are already loads of those. But it will be mine, so if something doesn't work I can go in and fix it myself. I choose what features are on it, so it's built specifically around my needs :)

    Owner level: programmer
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    CommandsEX? You can remove features you don't like. :D
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    Ehhh I've always had problems with plugins that boast that they can disable commands that I don't want. (essentials, caugh caugh). I usually don't even bother with that. Besides, why isn't CommandsEX up there with Essentials and CommandBook? I've seen a lot of competing plugin suites out there, so I'm unsure why these two are above the rest. Is it just that Essentials and CommandBook were the first ones to be made? :p
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    Well you literally remove the commands, We have it set up so you can remove the class and it doesn't effect the plugin. (That's if you don't remove vital classes...) Check it out and you can see for yourself.
    We don't disable it, You can literally remove it.
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    tbh I have been using essentials for a while and have been a solid member of its support on the IRC as well while I had the time a while back, however if it were my choice right now I would go with essentials just because it offers so many features in one plugin which cuts down on having multiple jars and configurations for something offered all in one with essentials. This is not to bash CommandBook but in my opinion essentials is the way to go if you want the essential features of a server all in one.
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    Essential is for beginners, very easy setup, you wanna expment with other plugins

    That shows you didn't read cmdbook wiki, it's back cmd is /return or /ret

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    Perhaps I haven't heard of cmdbook until yesterday.
    Even if I had a plugin that does absolutely everything I want, I still want to program my own sometime. I like programming :)
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    Advanced users desire easy setup as well, and yet there's plenty you can configure in the ~700 line config file when you get around to actually reading it.
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    so would you rather configure multiple plugins that may not even work well together or may conflict one another than go through the essentials config which offers most things very safely just to say your are more advanced? Im going to disagree with you on this one:)
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    Rather than essentials which will conflict with almost any plugin that uses the same commands? Maybe...
    Or you can just use CommandsEX! :D (Yea I'm just trying to get the word out anyway I can)
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    Just my two cents, in a likely dying thread. Essentials has a long history of conflicting with other plugins, which (in my opinion) is why some of the more experienced server admins won't touch it. It may be a more polished product now, but old habits and opinions die hard.
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    I don't know where you guys are getting this conflict stuff. I've had like 2 issues in a year and a half, and you can tell Essentials to override (or not) on any command. That's how I resolved both issues and I've never had to stop using a plugin because of a conflict with Essentials.

    So much misinformation :p
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    Too much fanboy-ism, Essentials has a bad reputation for a reason. I shouldn't have to edit lots of shit for Essentials to leave my other plugins alone, The only thing I use from the Essentials team is Essentials Spawn and that's soon going to be replaced as I don't need it anymore.
    I won't deny that Essentials is useful, But if you plan to have a organized server that runs smoothly with 30 or more plugins Essentials is not a good choice.
    It's like getting a computer, It may be nice and easy to buy one but making your own computer by hand will almost always come out better.
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    When you get comfortable using something, you don't really want to try anything else. But, you're either a leader or a follower. You might have started out using Essentials because everyone else does, but once you try Commandbook, you will love it!
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    Most plugins work well with commandbook and other, i'v nerver found anything conflict with one and another even after i did a server test with 200 plugins (withcmdbook installed) and they didn't conflict at all
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    so, because of a SINGLE bukkit command handler related bug 1.5 years ago, the whole essentials is rubbish? seriously, wtf?
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    Thats a fine choise.
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    name ONE plugin that actually conflicts and doesnt override essentials commands.
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    I wouldn't know as I don't use plugins that conflict.
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    so basically, you are just giving false information.
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    No never, You expect me to give you an example then you download it then saying "I didn't have a problem". Even if it's versions later in which one of the plugins could of changed something that no longer conflicts and then you saying that I'm full of shit because I can bring up any plugins that currently conflict with essentials because I don't use it and I wouldn't know of any current bugs.
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