I'd like some assistance choosing between: CommandBook and Essentials.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Fran55on, Aug 18, 2012.

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    I'm running a "weekend server" for me and my friends. It's a Bukkit server and I try to keep the game "fairly vanilla" since I think it is the balance between gathering materials and building that makes it fun. You have to work for it.

    But I have found that I need some basic "protections" to keep it fun. So far I installed:
    • PermissionsBukkit. For basic permissions.
    • NoEntityGrief. Just for keeping Endermen from refurnish my house.
    • Lockette. Just for keeping people from accusing each other of stealing.
    • EpicZones. For future use in a planned PVP-arena and some future building protections (around the spown-area village).
    Now my friends want access to some commands like teleportation and I wish to grant some users to be moderators, allowing them to kick or ban users, without making them operators. For that I need a commands plug-in. Also for a private project I like to be able to set a warp.

    I am currently trying to compare: CommandBook and Essentials.
    I would like some facts and good arguments to assist me in my choice.

    Edit: Quot a post ware I add more information.

    Best regards Magnus Fransson.
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  2. Worldguard is better than EpicZones and can do NoEnityGrief but i prefer essentials as its been around for a while and has experienced developers working on it
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    CommandBook all the way.
    • It's awesome.
    • Essentials isn't awesome.
    • It has some fun commands.
    • It isn't bloated like Essentials.
    • It has all the necessary commands.
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    essentials ftw
  5. CommandBook <3
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    Noob server owner: Essentials.
    Advanced server owner: CommandBook.
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    Of the 5 million new servers that pop up every day run by 10year olds and their best friends, 4,999,999 of them will have Essentials installed. The one that uses CommandBook is the only one bound to survive.
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    This is an objective fact. If you don't care about having a good or successful server, then Essentials is for you! :p
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    Just wondering, why is CB better than Essentials? I only went with Essentials based off of word of mouth, never thought of CB, would be willing to switch if there is a reason other than noobs use it
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    It's too heavy/bloated. About 75% of everything it has will never be used by you. It is better and more efficient to take the time and go through commandbook, disable/enable the features you need, and customize it for your server. There is nothing Essentials does that a combination of other plugins can't do. It's just a huge, clunky plugin that is geared towards noobies who don't want to go through the hassle of configuring a server.
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    CommandsEX? :cool:
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    I tried switching from Essentials to CommandBook and wound up installing 4 other plugins for things it didn't have. After a week or so of pain, trying to replicate things I really loved in Essentials, I relented and went back. I don't think I'll every try that again.

    I've never had any performance issues with Essentials and it has so many useful things that I do use. And every patch I see them optimizing and re-writing things in the change notes. I think the team they have working on it has made great strides in improving it.

    That's not to knock CommandBook, but I think the "this one sucks, that one is teh awesome!" comparison is a little silly. The both work great; use whichever one you like more :p
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    If they're always optimizing and re-writing their code, that tells you how unoptimized it is/was.
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    Well as I said, I've never had an issue with it, on a variety of server hardware. And I like seeing things get optimized and re-written. You might be surprised how often that does not happen with software, (probably with some of your favorite plugins). If you understand the nature of development, many times you start one thing and then look at it later and think how it could be better written. Perfectly-optimized code doesn't usually just happen the first time around unless you know the exact scale and scope of it and make a written blueprint/plan before hand. I doubt very many people do that for plugins.

    I want both products to thrive. Server operators benefit from both the competition and from having options in case one plugin is abandoned, which we know happens way too often :)
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    Command book still wins. I'm not even going to bother typing out a logical argument.
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    Well Essentials works just fine. Although its hard to say a plugin by legendary sk89q isn't good.
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    "Wins," without objective parameters is an opinion. If the goal is pure performance, it probably does. But by that standard vanilla with cheats wins over CommandBook :p

    What you get for your added performance is a loss of features that you may want for your server. And when you get done adding a mail plugin and a warp plugin and a home plugin, CommandBook PLUS all of those other plugins may not win at all. If I had a noticeable performance dip when using Essentials, I would likely not use it. But on my small server, I've never had any in over a year and it has the added features I really want so, for my server, it "wins." If I only wanted what CB had and nothing more, I would likely use it.

    This is all very "Less filling! Tastes great!" A silly argument, looking from the outside in, when they both obviously have merits :p
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    No need to pull rational arguments on me. :p (I don't feel like arguing) Commandbook not only gives added performance, but it helps take away negative-brand effects. I can name several people I know who would never play on a server that has essentials installed. It's sorta like when shopping at PickNSave was the worst thing you could do. Installing Essentials is to admining a minecraft server as it is to using microsoft paint in the gfx world. You don't do it unless you're too lazy to get something better.

    edit: not going to bother with this thread any more lol
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    this is what i dont get most people i know that try to get me to switch to command book also installed 5-10 other plugins that are all bundled into essentials.......so i go you claim essentials is bloat ware...but want me to go command book and have other plugins installed to cover what essentials did also

    comes with mob control, minor grief protection, economy, afk system, warping, protection system, player monitoring, excellent chat formatting...

    i can go on more about how many extra plugins i dont have to install on top if i did command book and not essentials
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    I wasn't hoping you'd argue but I thought perhaps I could get you to drop the "adminz who use Essentials are noobiez!" silliness and realize there are valid reasons some use it.

    Whhhhh... uhhhhhh... hrm...

    Ok you got me there. My players love my server not because of the plugins I choose, but because I treat them with respect and protect their creations. But then they are mostly old people :p

    It sounds like a good idea :)
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    Both trololol.
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    so wait one of jonchuns logical arguments was based on people being biased?

    but it helps take away negative-brand effects. I can name several people I know who would never play on a server that has essentials installed. It's sorta like when shopping at PickNSave was the worst thing you could do.
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    Why doesn't everyone just use CommandsEX? :rolleyes:
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    Why doesn't Cuba just become democratic
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    Don't like it. Not as bad as Essentials, but ehh..
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    Okay... :'(
    But yea any suggestions so that we can improve CommandsEX?
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    Perfect for my use. Just need /tpa and it's great! EDIT: I mean I just use /tpa
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    I'm dying, sk89q is obviously a noob then?
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