Plugin Request I'd appreciate an active developer for "XRayLookup"

Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by noneandnonly, Apr 20, 2015.

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    Hello guys,

    I just wanted to ask very nicely if there's someone who might want to pick up the old plugin "XRayLookup".
    I wanted to use it with Prism but it'd be nice to know that things are actually working correctly (especially when API changes are being made by Prism).

    I have not tested it yet but since there are a few servers that are still running it (according to, even on 1.8, it looks promising.

    Thanks for any replies and sorry if this is the wrong forum - if so tell me where to post it and I'll delete this one and create another one.
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    @noneandnonly Instead of using an old outdated plugin, I'd suggest using CorePotect instead. It is very very detailed, and logs every single block broken. Very useful for checking xRay because you can check for specificity diamond ores only. There's obviously more to just looking at xRay. This is more of a griefing log plugin, but it also helps a lot with checking for xRaying players.

    I hope this helped :) If not, well... sorry and good luck
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    I've already got Prism and I could look up who broke diamond ores and where and check all these things but I'd like to have something that sums things up as "XRayLookup" does.
    I don't want to check every single person etc and instead get notified if someone is likely to use X-Ray.

    That's all I was looking for but thanks for the reply anyway.
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