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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by plumpkin, Mar 30, 2011.

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    i'm searching iCTrade for bukkit, because iCTrade is only available for hMod.
    Now i'm searching iCTrade for bukkit or some alternative plugins.

    I have iConomy and Permissions installed.

    Sincerely plumpkin
  2. Now tell us what iCTrade is :)
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    iCTrade is a plugin, with wich you can make a chest with, and put a sign above it with the following text: [trade]
    then you have to make a rightklick on the sign. Now theres a second line on the sign: Chest is ready.
    If you put some items inside of the chest, you'll get money (the iConomy CoinAge).
    Thats what iCTrade is good for :D
    I hope you can tell me some alternative plugins or the right link for iCTrade for bukkit ;)
    thanks alot :D
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    I and a friend searched on this list...
    but this ist not the plugin that we seach...

    an example:
    1. i open the chest
    2. i put gold in the chest
    3. i close the chest
    4. i open the chest
    5. i receive money, and the gold is away...
  5. It can do that too, if you read through properly. Well, I don't know if it will actually remove the gold though. But oyu might just use a plugin like BetterShop, and have it work over commands...
  6. IC Trade is able to buy everything with one chest for a predefined price. if i am right, the chestshop only buys the defined items. with ic trade everyone was able to sell materials, none other would buy (like gravel). i also can not find any plugin that is the same as ictrade :(

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