iCononmy Real estate ( buying land with signs)

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by shadrxninga, Jan 5, 2011.

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    I would like to see a plugin that could integrate with iConomy and maybe a protection plugin like realms so you could put a sign up saying:

    Line 1: For Sale
    Line 2: $<Price>
    Line 3: W by H -( set by wand or something?)

    Not sure if it is possible it just would be a cool plugin!
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    Stephen A.

    My thoughts on this : AWESOME! OF COURSE! IF I KNEW A PLUG IN PROGRAMMER, I WOULD SO HAVE THEM MAKE THIS! No,That isn't to "Extreme"
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    I would also like a rent option too
    maybe setup like this?
    While on sale
    Line 1: For Sale
    Line 2: $<Price>
    Line 3: Area Name
    Line 4:Amount of Time

    When Bought
    Line 1 :Owned By
    Line 2 :<Owner Name>
    Line 3 :Area Name
    Line 4 :Amount of Time Left
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    Moo Master

    It'd be a lot easier to have cities and towns, and when done with towny, i think this would be a major win.
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    Didn't the towny developer disappear some time ago or something? I've been using realms for a while and that works great. I agree it would be nice for them to integrate when bukkit grows to that stage.

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