iConomy banking Plugin, needs a loving developer :3

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Zombiemold, Nov 26, 2011.

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    Hai Bukkiteers,

    I came on to an awesome, SIMPLE, banking plugin a while back, that looks great, and just works. Unfortunately, it has become outdated over time, which is a shame. There are no other updated, working, and/or comperable banking plugins which makes me a sad panda.

    The author of the plugin made it open source of course, and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to look into it, and see if they can get it ticking again:


    The plugin runs just fine, but you can't deposit money (only withdraw). It has register embeded (I think) which, if I understand correctly, is a bad way to do things. It tends to lag a bit, due to interest. But other than that, it's a solid, simple plugin that I would DIE to see picked up again.

    Anyone slightly interested? You would be make me, and possibly many more Server owners very happy!
  2. This should actually go into plugin requests, even though you are asking for a revival of this plugin.
  3. well, maybe i will get a look at it. But i need a huge pack of help, because im just a beginner. Well anyways, i will try to help!
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    I'm not sure how much help I can provide. I'm not a developer at all. I would have no problem doing some tests for anyone who needs it :)
  5. OK, so now i am looking in the plugin, and there are many java files in there, right now im searching for the file where the depositing part is put in.

    Do you have maybe a couple screenshots of the moments when the plugin doesnt work?
    maybe that helps...

    oh, I tried to deposit in cb 1.0.0 (it is no recomended build) and it worked!
    so, what is the matter here?

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    Well, there is some pretty heavy lag when interest in applied, when there are multiple accounts, and I haven't found a way to deposit money into any banks, at all it would seem.
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    Have you tried to withdraw?
  9. withdrawing works?? Uhhm... you really think there is a problem?
    Maybe the problem is it doesnt work for mc 1.8, but maybe it does for 1.0.0...
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