iCo or MySQL issue?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Dec64, Jan 29, 2012.

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    Recently i get an error with iCo5 and MySQL, iCo5 suddenly stops being able to connect to the database, saying "too many connections". I have found no pattern to the error. on reboot it works fine. The error does not seem to happen when x players come online either, just after awhile, it appears to choose that it has too many connections.

    Is this an issue with iCo5? Or a server/MySQL issue? If anyone has any ideas would be much appricated.

    I will try upgrading to iCo6 soon to see if that resloves it, but thought i would ask in the mean time..


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    Its a problem with your Database, is it remote, or local?
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    Database is local, i only started having issues with "too many connections" after using spacebukkit/RTK. I have now moved back to MyMyAdmin and all is fine....I can only assume it was some issue with SpaceBukkit and it connecting to MySQL a lot or similar.
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    Since you have SpaceBukkit I assume you are in closed beta.
    I kindly remind you of your duties as beta tester:
    post issues that occour while using spacebukkit on our issue tracker on github:


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    I have been in SpaceBukkits IRC quite often and i have reported all errors to do with SpaceBukkit i found. This thread was to determine were the error was. Now i know it is related to SpaceBukkit in some way, i will relay all the information i can for you.
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