I think this exists - but if not, please make it <3

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    I am 99% sure this exists. But if not, can someone please make it? Or tell me what would need to be done :)

    Whenever a player dies, lightning is cast where they are (probably/preferably not doing damage to the attacker or setting fire to the area) and a message is shown saying "Player1 is slain/killed by Player2" - Something like that.

    So its more of a visual effect thing, so whenever there is PvP on my server, people know who get killed where.

    Any help? Thanks - love you all :)
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    Download>>><Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

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    OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU. I love you so much. Come on my server if you want me to give you like 64 cookies.

    Im so happy hahahaha.

    ( if you want

    Actually, newboyhun-

    Is there a way to set it where it only strikes when players kill other players? (instead of it going off when people die from falling/mobs?)

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    jes there is, EntityDamagebyEntityEvent(if Entity instanceof Player)if player.gethealth==0) --> lighting)
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    I'm sorry im really stupid - is that in the config file? How would i approach making that change? Thanks :)
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    no its a code idea for new=)
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    Can't get why not working :S
    And i don't have much time for testing this :S
    Here is the source if someone want to fix it : <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
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