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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by scorpio_v2, May 29, 2020.

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    So i can't seem to the the vanilla /tp command to work. i've tried multiple different permission pex but none of them work. I have command signs that use minecraft: tp @p (x),(y),(z)
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    First of all, the reason I am under the 400th view for the first hour is because of your title! You're supposed to state something more clear. For your example, it would be "Vanilla /tp not working" (check the sticky thread at the top of the list)

    Second of all, If you have Essentials(X) installed, the /tp command will use essentials's /tp command, which only uses "*" as @a and that's it. There are 2 fixes: type /minecraft:tp, which will force it to use minecraft's command, or, in your commands.yml, create an alias:
         tp:#if you type /tp, this will run
         - minecraft:tp $$1 $2 $3#this is the command that will run, the "$$1" and "$2" mean the first mandatory field, and the second optional field, respectively.

    I used the second way.
    Hope this helps!

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