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Discussion in 'General Help' started by oOHQHMMROo, Apr 8, 2015.

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    I come from the server Desteria.
    Recently the server has had a big downfall including the community and ingame problems.
    So I have decided it is time to leave Desteria and try to make my own server.
    I would like to make a factions/raiding server.
    Would anybody be able to help me? regarding what plugins are a must and a quick guide on how to do certain things like make warps or portals leading to a certain place etc?
    Thanks in advance to those who comment.
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    Mr. Evil

    I could help. First of all if your starting the server from your PC you need to portforward. This works differently router to router but should be fairly similer. One plugin that is a must is essentials. It basically is a plugin that gives server admins commands like /mute and more! It also gives players the ability to use kits, warps, set their home, and much more. I don't know any plugins that let you use portals though. Another must is the factions plugin itself obviously. Don't need to explain that one. Get Worldedit And Worldguard for server admins. Worldedit allows admins to make massive structures and walls. Be careful with that one though, if you let it fall into the wrong hands it could mean doom for your server. Worldguard protects areas you select. You can set flags to disable PVP, TNT, mob spawning, and much more. You need the massivecore plugin for the factions plugin too. You will also need A permissions plugin and know how to work it so you can allow players to do certain things (Example: commands). I recommend using groupmanager.

    The Guide

    There are many tutorials for groupmanager online and it can be long and difficult to explain on text, So I will not explain how groupmanager or any other permissions plugin works. To create a warp with Essentials Do /setwarp [warp name] Essentials also has a built in economy so you don't need another plugin (Although you may need Vault to use the economy, I don't know). For worldedit get a wooden axe as a op and left and right click on the corners of where you want a square to go. then do //set [What block you want goes here]. For walls you can click the corners where you want the walls to go then do //walls [what block you want goes here]. Worldedit has many more features but I don't want to go into extreme detail and take all day writing this. For World guard get a wooden axe and select the corners of your area you want to protect then do /region claim [name] [owner1] [owner2] [owner3]. You can set flags (Like no-pvp zone) with the commands on this page .
    The factions commands can be found ingame or at

    Hope this guide helped you
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    We are renting a server its not being hosted off one of our pc ip's
    I think we have the basics set up as you have mentioned here, the confusing thing for us is this
    We want to run the server as 1.7.10/1.7.9 but the plugins we find does not tell us if its compatible for that, we end up installing plugins and then finding out they dont work and then not knowing what isnt working then going back to square one, its only our first day and this kind of thing is not for noobs like us, but nobody will get anywhere without learning :)
    We are confused on how to set up warps like /shop, also stuck on how to set up a plugin to make a shop to sell items and buy items using a sign and editing the prices
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    Mr. Evil

    This video should help with learning how to use the signshop.

    And for warps you cant do /[name of warp] for the warp. You need to do /warp [name of warp]. To set a warp run the command /setwarp [name of warp being created].
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    Thanks for that :) one last question how do I upload a server texture pack?
    I want to upload this
    But for some reason nothing is working for me, it says to install the server texture pack when I log in but nothing downloads
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    Mr. Evil

    This video should help with that.
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    So would my link not work?
    Also In my .server folder its called resource pack, not texture would that make a difference?
    Edit: I am also looking for a dev editor to edit Masterpromote plugin to have a few different things, willing to pay if I have to
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    Mr. Evil

    I am not a dev and cannot develop plugins, sorry. And resource pack = texture pack. They mean the same thing.

    EDIT: You cannot use .rar files for a server texture pack. I think it has to be a normal folder or possibly .zip
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    My tutorial on how to make a server.
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