I Need help with programming can any one help?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by johnshone, Mar 17, 2012.

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    So I have always wanted to make my own plugin however I can not find some one or a tutorial that will teach me how to do this can some one teach me or give me a tutorial I can follow please it would be much appreciated (Even more so if it was in english) Thanks also if you have skype add me my skype is : johnshone.3

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    John Shone
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    In the Docs section, there is a part about coding, and some tutorials with it. You WILL have to learn some java first (there are also some links there), but once you're comfortable with the basics, go back there and you'll have some bukkit-specific tutos.
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    thanks and I already know some Java eg I can create a mod for minecraft.
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    To be honest you don't need java background to code for the bukkit api ... I didnt know java and it took me probably a month to make a bukkit worthy plugin. It could be much faster for you if you have the right tools. Search around google.. and stuff. Mainly knowing the api will help you make basic plugins. Knowing java is what makes good plugins
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    Karl Marx

    Some useful links:

    1. The Bukkit wiki developer's section - lots of tutorials here

    2. From (1), a tutorial on the basics of starting a plugin

    3. A guide on how to use the bukkit config system

    4. The official bukkit documentation

    Although it's not strictly necessary, I strongly recommend getting a good understanding of basic programming concepts before you try anything too complex. To use a metaphor; you don't try to build a house until you know how to use the tools. Take the time to learn how to swing a hammer (so to speak) and the results will be that much better. More importantly, you need to know when to use a nail, and when a screw would be better.

    Otherwise, I recommend that you start by browsing around (1) before you get started, to get a general feeling for how bukkit is structured. Next, follow along with (2), writing the plugin example as you follow along. You can use it for reference as you're getting started on your real plugin, and it makes a good test-bed for new ideas as you go (without the risk of breaking your actual plugin.) Eventually, most plugins will need a config file, so when you get there I recommend you follow (3). There are a lot of other config tutorials and advice floating around, but many of them are outdated, or recommend solutions that are much more complex (and confusing) than is necessary for most plugins. Finally, (4) is the go-to place for figuring out how to get things done in bukkit. The entire API is written out there. It is a little difficult to find things if you don't already have a good idea of what you need, but if bukkit does it, you'll find it there.

    These are essentially the steps that I followed when I was getting started. At this point, I know the system well enough to not need (1) through (3), but I still have a handful of pages from (4) open every time I'm working on a plugin, so it's worth bookmarking, if nothing else. Other than research, it's just a matter of time and experience. Tutorials alone can't teach you everything, so just be persistent, try as many new things as you can, and don't be afraid to move on when things aren't working.
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