I need help with Groupmanager/Essentials. ~Ranks~

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by jornsibma, Jul 29, 2012.

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    Hello People,

    I have Groupmanager , and essentials in my server. But when i do the group name 'Builder' with the command ; /mangadd Builder. And then i do a prefix with this; /mangaddv Builder prefix [Builder].
    When i start my server, and add my into the group 'Builder' with this; /manuadd Infinity Builder.
    Then it doesn't work? Can someone help me with this? When i talk it's only; '<Infinity> Hi'.
    I saw this video; and this webpage; http://www.minecraftserverhost.net/secure/knowledgebase.php?action=displayarticle&id=57 .
    I don't know what i'm doing wrong.


    I hope someone helps me soon !
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    Your biggest problem is you are using group manager :(
    but the reason no prefix is showing up is because you are not using a chat plugin like HeroChat
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    Okay, when i do the plugin in my server. Do i need to configure something or does it work without something to change/do?
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    Just paste this into your config (replacing everything that is there),for hero chat before you start the server. Start your server and try again.

      can-kick: true
      can-ban: true
      can-mute: true
      can-remove-channel: true
      can-modify-nick: true
      can-modify-color: true
      can-modify-distance: true
      can-modify-password: true
      can-modify-format: false
      can-modify-shortcut: false
      can-modify-verbose: true
      can-modify-focusable: false
      can-modify-crossworld: false
      can-modify-chatcost: false
      can-color-messages: true
      can-view-info: true
      can-focus: true
    default-channel: Global
    censors: []
      default: '&7[{nick}&7] &f{suffix}&f[{prefix}&f]&7 {sender}&b: &f{msg}'
      announce: '{color}[{nick}] {msg}'
      emote: '{color}[{nick}] * {msg}'
      private-message: '&d{convoaddress} {convopartner}&d: {msg}'
    use-channel-emotes: true
    locale: en_US
    log-chat: false
    twitter-style-private-messages: false
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    I see, but when I start my server, then there not comes a folder called hereochat?
    Where do I need to paste this then?
    Do you have Teamviewer? To help me with?
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    Start server, Stop the server, Refresh the files, go into the herochat folder, open the config replace everything with what I gave you, save, start server again
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    Okay, thanks!
    One problem, when i type ; hi.. or something. Than it will say 'You don't have the permissions to speak in Global.' .
    When i make myself op, i can talk normal?
    How i Change this?
    And i got this problem; there stays [g][builder]Infinity: hi ? why [g]?
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    That means it is the Global Channel. With herochat you can make multiple chat channels. Global is an everywhere/anywhere channel.
    Here are the permissions for HeroChat I have highlighted the ones you need to use.

    herochat.create allows channel creation
    herochat.save allows forcing saves on player/channel data
    herochat.reload allows forcing reloads on player/channel data
    herochat.mod allows use of /ch mod
    herochat.mute allows use of /ch mute
    herochat.pm allows use of /msg
    herochat.emote allows use of traditional emotes
    herochat.emote.<channel> allows using emotes in a channel
    herochat.join.<channel> allows joining a channel
    herochat.leave.<channel> allows leaving a channel
    herochat.speak.<channel> allows speaking in a channel
    herochat.kick.<channel> allows kicking from a channel
    herochat.ban.<channel> allows banning from a channel
    herochat.mute.<channel> allows muting in a channel
    herochat.remove.<channel> allows deleting a channel
    herochat.color.<channel> allows &c style colors in chat
    herochat.info.<channel> allows use of /ch info on a channel
    herochat.autojoin.<channel> forces automatically joining a channel upon first login
    herochat.force.join.<channel> forces a player to join a channel on every login
    herochat.force.leave.<channel> forces a player to leave a channel on every login
    herochat.modify.nick.<channel> allows changing a channel’s nick
    herochat.modify.color.<channel> allows changing a channel’s color
    herochat.modify.distance.<channel> allows changing a channel’s distance
    herochat.modify.format.<channel> allows changing a channel’s format
    herochat.modify.shortcut.<channel> allows changing whether a channel allows quick messaging
    herochat.modify.password.<channel> allows changing a channel’s password
    herochat.modify.verbose.<channel> allows changing whether a channel shows join/leave messages
    herochat.admin.stealth allows being hidden from 'No one hears you’ detection
    herochat.color.colortype.channel allows for bold/italics/etc (only in latest dev
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    Okay, like this right ?

    default: true
    - -bukkit.command.kill
    - g:groupmanager_default
    - g:bukkit_default
    - g:essentials_default
    - g:towny_default
    - herochat.speak
    - herochat.autojoin


    default: false
    permissions: []
    - default
    - g:essentials_builder
    - g:towny_builder
    - herochat.speak
    - herochat.autojoin

    And i got this problem; there stays [g][builder]Infinity: hi ? why [g]?
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    The [G] That means it is the Global Channel. With herochat you can make multiple chat channels. Global is an everywhere/anywhere channel. Also don't use Group Manager use PEX, your permissions are wrongly formatted. The permissions need to be under the permissions and need to have the channel name after the second period. so - herochat.speak.Global
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    Okay, I need to delete groupmanager? And do PermissionsEx in my plugin folder? Okay, but how can i give the permissions to talk? This is my permissions file..

    And this is in my permissionsEX file;

    default: true
    - modifyworld.*
    What I need to configure or add in it ?

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