I Need Help To Starting Making Java Plugin

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by smsunarto, May 7, 2013.

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    I really interested in making bukkit plugin, i just have tons of plugin idea that's in my head but i can't apply, if anyone knew some video or someone please let me know, where should i start ? learning java first ? or Jump straight to Bukkit ? Please let me know, if you have like a series of the tutorial please post it :)
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    watch these video's and you will get the basics of developing a bukkit plugin:
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    It will also help if you have the basics of a simpler coding language, as example I started with python.
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    Moved to Plugin Development.
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    Before u can start with plugins u must learn java ... at least the basics ...
    So, some tips from me:
    - make sure you learn the basics in your native language and than switch over to english (if it isn't your native language)
    - go to a bookstore and buy a book ... its really the best solution ... (user vids and so on aren't a good start for basics in my opinion)
    - don't buy a reference book ... just use a simple beginners book.
    - read it and do the exercises ...
    - really ... read it... you can leave the GUI Chapters out, if u just want this for bukkit!
    - now you should be ready to start ... go to bukkit wiki and read the plugin tutorial ... don't expect to understand everything ... just start with small plugins ... >teleportation >modify blocks >prevent players from doing something
    - and than just extend your skills: read tutorials, sourcecode from others and look up the parts u don't understand...

    now a list of things you should understand and know how to use, before u start a bigger plugin:

    - Constructors
    - global variables
    - instances
    - HashMaps
    - ArrayLists
    - the keywords final, static, public, protected and private
    - while statements
    - switch case statements
    - try catch statements
    - the difference between .equals() and ==
    - how to cast objects and the use instanceof
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    One word: textbooks.
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    No no no no no no no no no no no no no. No.

    The BcBroz teach possibly some of the worst coding habits that exist, nearly everything they do and show is very bad etiquette, and all of their videos are very outdated. I beg you to not watch those videos, and I implore you to not recommend them to others.

    smsunarto, I would recommend Bukkit's tutorial.
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    devilquak didn't know that, I watch them sometimes if I don't know how to write a little part of coding,
    personaly I learned plugin development from a friend (never did any java tutorial)
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    I have already study Visual basic, and C++ thought

    yeah i've tried coding like 3 test plugin from the BcBroz video and none of them work

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    BCBroz, taught me allot. They taught me the basics. And all their tutorials should work (You probably made a mistake, the smallest error can cause a problem). Some of Ben's methods of creating things are not too great. But you don't want to copy him line by line. The only thing he doesn't teach you is things like using separate classes, which isn't hard to pick onto once you look at the source codes of other plugins which I think is the best way to learn things.
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    I already knew Java when I discovered Bukkit. It would be a good skill to have because once you know Java you can make Android apps, Minecraft mods, etc.
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