I need help adding rewards, permissions and config. file!

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by ac3boyrom3o, Dec 28, 2011.

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    Hello people
    I started making a plugin called EnviroThx which will send players a message once things like saplings, yellow flowers, red flowers etc. (most plants) are placed or broken.
    I also added a command /et to disable or enable the plugin.
    I have done adding the saplings so far and moved on onto adding the other plants.

    I have added the plugin file in here.

    Now I wanted help with adding rewards, so let's say a player places a Sapling and they receive and item or if you use iConomy or Essentials Economy then they get a certain amount of money but when they break the block they get a penalty (money or items taken away)
    I also want to keep the messages sent to the player.

    Next I would like to add permissions so an admin can add a permission to the group to receive rewards and a permission to enable/disable the plugin.

    Lastly if there is a way of making a configuration file so that the messages which are sent to the player can be customised and the rewards can be customised too.

    Also any suggestions with help are very welcome!

    If you can help with any of these please do. As I am a newbie developer I have nothing to other but I will put your profile in the plugin page for helping me.
    Also if you need anything just ask, comment underneath.

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    I can help pm me :)
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