I need a plugin but don't know what its called!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Redstery11, Aug 18, 2012.

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    So on my server we are setting up the spawn and everything and my friend wants to have the signs what you can warp with by right clicking the sign and you would warp. I tried to use the command on my 1.1 server I had ages ago that all I had to do was [warp] enter then the warp name. But now it doesn't work like that, could anyone tell me the plugin name?
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    thats part of Essentials
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    It is? I think it essentials protect may interfere with the [warp] because when you right click it says essentials protect and the playername. Thanks for the quick replies but if I can't find a way to use the essentials I may use the simpleWarps.
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    Disable EssentialsProtect if you aren't using it.

    I believe you have to turn Warp Signs on in the config. When I get home, I'll see if I can confirm this.
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    Ok, Thanks I'll disable it since it seems to be pointless to me.

    I found out that you can make it possible to have the warp signs and other commands in the Yml of essentials but I have been looking for it and I can't find where to enable warp signs anywhere. Could someone help me find out how to enable warp signs and other command signs like [Disposal] etc.
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    here is where you enable/disable certain signs with essentials:
    # Essentials Sign Control
    # See http://ess.khhq.net/wiki/Sign_Tutorial for instructions on how to use these.
    # To enable signs, remove # symbol. To disable all signs, comment/remove each sign.
    # We recommend not enabling chest protection signs if you don't intend to use them, (or are using LWC/Lockette).
      #- balance
      #- buy 
      #- sell
      #- trade
      - free
      - disposal
      - warp
      - kit
      #- mail
      #- enchant
      #- gamemode
      - heal
      #- spawnmob
      - time
      - weather
      #- protection
    just remove the # in front of whichever type of sign you want enabled. as you can see i did this for some,
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    essentialsprotect doesnt conflict with signs. it just displays message.
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    Thank you so much.
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    No problem, glad to help.
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    It's part of essentials in the config.yml or get the plugin SimpleWarps.
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    minecrafterwork I steal plugins as my own

    If you are using essentials use it and follow bmw said
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    Mark as solved in the thread tool thanks
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