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  1. I'm creating jobs on my server, and for that I'm using 3 plugins, "Modifyworld", "Noitems" and "PEX".

    I make groups with permissions plugin such as "miner beginner", "advanced mining", "constructor beginner", "advanced builder", etc. ..

    At each group is assigned a specific permission, from "Modifyworld" and "Noitems" so that, for example, the group "Lumberjack beginner" is the only one who can use an "Axe" or break "wood".

    Well, what I need is a plugin that allows the player through a command, can be assigned a job.

    For this, the plugin has to "manage" the way the player selects the work, because there will be primary and secondary jobs.

    For example, the plugin should have this in the settings:

    max_profession: 3
    - Max_profession: 1
    - lumberjack
    - miner
    - constructor
    - Max_profession: 1
    - engineer
    - explorer
    - priest
    - Max_profession: 1
    etc ....

    This means that the player can choose up to three professions ("max_professions: 3") or as specified in the configuration. And he has to choose professions in order, for example, can not choose a secondary profession, if not chosen before a primary.

    The command to join a profession may be, for example:

    /jobspex learn miner

    And to use this command must have the appropriate node in the group it belongs to. For example:

    - jobspex.learn. <name_of_profession_in_config_file>
    - jobspex.learn.miner

    If you have this node, you can run this command.

    Now, the plugin must contain a file type "users.yml" where you save your user information to check if you are in a job, if you have chosen before primary work, etc.. For example:

    - lumberjack
    - engineer
    - lumberjack

    It would also require a command to leave a job. Would be:

    /jobspex forget miner

    And a node, which allows to use this command. For example:

    - jobspex.forget. <name_of_profession_in_forget>
    - jobspex.forget.miner

    In the same way, you can not abandon a primary job, if not abandoned before the second job or third if any.

    To allow the player to join a job, the plugin has to grant permits "temporary" so that when you run the command, for example:

    /jobspex learn miner

    Run a command "admin" type:

    /pex user Lummox group add miner

    For a player without "OP" or no permission to execute a command, "Admin" of the plugin "PEX", can adhere to a new group.

    Must be set from the plugin settings, that can join a work (or not) be a waste of money, for example:

    - Lumberjack: 100
    - Miner: 150
    - Constructor: 175
    - Engineer: 50
    - Explorer: 75
    - Priest: 90

    Also create a command to check if you have any profession. For example:

    /jobspex whois

    This node must have in order to run the above command:

    - jobspex.whois.self

    And a command "admin" to check the other professions. For example:

    /jobspex whois <player>

    With this node:

    - jobspex.whois.other

    Finally, create a message translation file (translate.yml).

    For example:

    - join_a_job: You are now: {job}
    - leave_a_job: You forgotten the profession: {job}
    - need_join_second: You have to choose before a primary job
    - need_join_third: You have to choose before a secondary job
    - need_forget_first: You have to forget before a secondary job
    - need_forget_second: You have to forget before a third job

    - info_jobs_self: {Player} info:
    You currently have these jobs: {jobs}

    - info_jobs_other: {Player} info:
    Currently have these jobs: {jobs}

    If anyone can make this plugin, I can give more detailed information.

    Think it is necessary make a good plugin that will create jobs the way he did the already abandoned "iprofessions".

    Thanks and regards.
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    like rankup?
  3. It has some characteristics of various plugins, such as "RankUp", "Ranker" or "RankMeUp".

    But they are 3 plugins that are abandoned, (Ranker Maybe not, but not what I need), and neither have the characteristics I ask.

    But in essence, what we ask is "similar" to those 3 plugins.

    Create groups of "jobs", and managed as a player join and leave the work.

    The best plugin I've seen to do "jobs" is "iProfessions" but is abandoned. My idea is to make a plugin more like "iProfessions" that a system of "ranks", but I've asked at the time for someone to take over "iProfessions" and not get someone decided to update it and correct it.

    If anyone can make a plugin as I ask, would be sufficient, but if someone decided to make a "remake" of the plugin "iProfessions", believe me, many people would be very grateful. It is the best plugin to set up jobs there also is the only one in their work. There are other plugins, but are based on giving money to break "X" blocks. It's not what I'm looking ...

    Instead with this plugin, make jobs, you can only break / use certain blocks / items if you belong to a job. Has tier system, permits, costs to join a work requirement to join a top job (hook, with statistics plugin), etc .... was perfect, but it is a pity that this abandoned.
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  5. Mmmm, you have not read my previous post right? ;)

    "Iprofessions" is abandoned, has bugs, not updated to 1.4, etc, etc ...

    If it is the best plugin out there to create jobs, but no longer has support. Many functions do not work, and the author has said he is leaving the project, anyone who wants, can take care of it.

    Already ask if anyone wanted to take care of him, but no one has offered.

    Therefore I look for someone to create a plugin as I say, or even much better, based on the plugin "iprofessions" to make a "remake" of this plugin, since there is no other plugin, which does the same as iprofessions .

    Please can someone create this plugin?


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  7. Please, read my previous messages. Iproffesions... Don't work correctly, is no update to 1.4, have several many bugs, and the most important, don't have support, is abandoned.
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    I have no clue where you got that it was abandoned also the plugin works fine for me.
  9. Okay, I managed that the author put the license in the "public domain" and update Github repositories.

    If someone can take over the plugin "iProfessions" I forget everything I've said before, and we improve this plugin.

    Whoever wants to take care of it, and tell me what I need to say.


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  12. :'(

    Please read my previous posts.

    Anyway, I will repeat.

    I managed to the plugin author "iProfessions" change the license to "public domain". So the request for my first post to be forgotten.

    My new proposal is for someone to modify the plugin "iProfessions" and add new features I need (and more people), and correct some errors of the plugin (although some insist on saying that no errors ...). And update to version 1.4, to recognize new items / objects.
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    Jobs is better if you want it
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    Im pretty sure that we did read it but I cant seem to find where it says abandoned on the page so did you even look at the plugin we were suggesting to him.
  16. I wrote it above, but I will repeat:


    For if the link does not work, look on page 7-8, response number 162.

    As If you still can not find it, I paste the message content, of the author the plugin:
    After that, released a version correcting a bug and already abandoned completely.

    I think it makes it clear that abandons the plugin and give permission for anyone to modify and / or to take over on.

    So if someone can take care of this plugin, and add some extra features and fix some bugs, no need to make a new plugin as I have asked in the first post.
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    Hmm, you could see if anyone wants to continue it by posting a request in the plugin requests forum.

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