I need a chop tree plugin! I need it!

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    Okay sorry but i wanna start with a prayer: :'(:'( Chop tree isn`t working anymore R.I.P.

    So what i actualy need is a plugin with which i can chop a whole tree by cutting the lowest blog so that the wood blogs of the tree are going to be destroyed like sugar cane or a cactus. I already found the Chop tree plugin but since i updated to the newest 1.1 version of bukkit this one isn`t working anymore and as i wrote in the first lines i am sad about that (here is the link of the plugin): http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/fu...owest-block-like-cacti-1000-by-arcwolf.15566/.
    Maybe i`m just to stupid to find another plugin but since lumberjack isnt updated and working for me either i hope somebody could create such a plugin. Also if one of those is working for you it would be nice to tell me so i can try running it on my server.

    Thanks for reading (and helping),
  2. I can make this if you want it bare-bones. It would literally just be if you use a axe (if you want it to only be a gold axe I can do that), all of the logs would fall down.

    Would you want something that simple? Otherwise I've got nothin!
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    Yeah it should be that simple but it would be awesome if you could add that anything can destroy the whole tree by chopping the lowest blog. So the tree should have physics like a cactus and thats basicly it.
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    Hmmm i dont use this on my server anymore because of the economy, 2 stacks or so of log in a jungle tree, one hit and the whole tree is gone. Shop down half a forest in a night then Bang richest on server :p
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    If he doesn't want that I do :)

    This plugin has it

    But I only want it to happen when you use an axe greater than stone.
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    okay i get what u are saying and in that case it would be good if the plugin can detect the height of the tree and don`t chop the tree instant if its too big. But if this is to complicated i would also be happy about a plugin that chops every tree cause i dont use any economy plugin.

    This plugin is actualy what i searched for but as i posted someone could customize it to the newes jungle biom, so that the chop tree thing isnt working fo these big-trees.

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    Or just limit the amount of logs it chops at once. Limit it to 6 for eg, works fine on normal tree's but people cant abuse it on junlge tree's :D
  8. This is just a basic version that the OP requested. It checks for blocks straight up for it and has been tested to work with 1.2.5. Download: http://swerv.co/plugins/delogger.jar . There's no permissions, and you need to use a gold axe to get it to work (I can change that if you would like). Hope you like it!
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    So finaly, is there somebody who would create this plugin?

    What it should do:
    Every Tree can be destroyed by chopping the lowest block, up to a limit of 6 blocks around
    This should not work for trees higher than 16 blocks
    With beeing dextroyed it is meant that they have the physics of sugar canes or cacti

    PS: i just red ur comment i will take a look on it thanks
  10. It has the physics of such, but does not limit how high it can cut.
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    Here is my version of your request. I made it awhile ago but deleted the project, so I had to quickly remake. It will only de-log the tree if you use an axe and will damage the tool used, as it normally would.
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    okay i testes it now and i first want to thank you for your work but there are a few things i found out u could improve:
    as u said it would be better if u have to chop a big trees at your own, so when a tree is higher than 10 blogs the plugin should actualy do nothing
    next it would be good if this also destroys blogs that are not directly above the wood blog u cut but on the same tree, so when it is a bigger tree which is not in a jungle biom it should also destroy the whole tree then. So it also should cut branches; for ex.:
    [][]<-- this blog should also be destroyed
    This function should have a limit of 6 blogs in every direction (if u see it from above):
    And last it would be perfect if you could add that the thing works with every axe not only with the golden one, but you can use a command to toggle the wood cut thing on or off so that u also can chop wood blogs on the normal way.
    I hope u got what i mean and also hope you have the time to do this.


    okay i also tested your one and my feedback would be basicly the same as the one for Something Awesome, the real difference ist just your one is destroying the axe for every blog that you cut with this method and i like this idea but also it is not realy necessairy so if you could improve your plugin by the things i mentioned or if somebody else is creating such a plugin it would be even better to add that.

    Thanks for you work,

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  13. Thanks for the feedback - right now though this is all I know how to do, sorry :(. Hope you find someone to make it for you!
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    Somehow i expected something like this... :C But I hope there is somebody else who could do it. I am still searching and hopefully someone here can help me!

    Thanks for reading (and helping),
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    Why not make it so i chops bottom log so anti floating tree so like if you chop bottom log it really chops top log and tree shrinks =) Just an idea
  16. I am using tree-assist on my server and i have disabled it from working on jungle trees via the config

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