I need a basic Quick class setup.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by conetopia, May 8, 2013.

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    basically, I was looking around at different plugins.
    I noticed it is almost impossible for a noob to combine different class plugins.

    I made a folder called A
    inside i have lets say dcore.jar playerclass.jar , and heroes.jar
    commands /dcore /class /hero
    Looking around... a noob such as myself could figure this much..

    winrar or 7.zip to extact the .jar
    notepad ++
    Dat reader on google.

    now i could open the jar , and etract it and use the 3 other programs to read the files and edit.
    basically I just want to change /hero and / dcore into /class

    basically its common sence to change the usage from dcore to class
    but then... i tryed to take the folder, and turn it into a .zip with 7.zip
    and then rename all the 3 .zip's to .jar's
    the .jar files will not load.

    so did i screw up the plugins by editing them? or do i need some other program besides winrar/7.zip to generate the .jar ??
    What do you guys recommend to open .jar files .dat and everything else and edit with?
    what are some additional things i should get?
    does have or maybe could make.... a simple .jar for me??

    .jar with the files
    META-INF folder with the manifest.mf file or w/e

    Me folder / randomname folder / then here have a bunch of .class files like
    dps.class basically comes with leather/diamond sword
    tank.class diamond armor /wood sword
    healer.class stone armor/sword
    spells.class --- extra exp gained while useing a class // or extra life- defense // faster walk speed

    ----- when i download plugins they like like 20 classes.... no idea whats is what....
    if someone could make that for me.. that would be awesome.

    because then I can actually read it... and know how to edit it ect.
    it would be the perfect Guide for noobs.

    p.s I wouldn't mind having a .jar for each class either.
    and maybe 1 combined.jar to see how they were added into 1 .jar

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