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    Hi !
    I would like to ask you to make plugin, so that everyone who write command ‘/join rank in permission’ automatically join to this rank in permission (all ranks, but no ranks: Admins, Mods, VIPs etc.) and at once give permissions for the rank in game and in order to everyone can use this command ONLY ONE TIME (but no VIP, he could make it twice). I’m sure, it can be done in CommandHelper, but I don’t know how (please don’t send to me links from Wiki etc., I would like done plugin/code pleaseee).
    Very, very please :)
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    this belongs in Plugin requests
    this forum has alot of places where they tell you where to put it, please first read before posting.
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    Opss, sorry, any Mods can move my topic to Plugin Requests?
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    I don't think it's important that you can run it twice, as if you use pex you just SET the group.

    This is a CommandHelper script, that relies on PEX.

    ~default:/upgrademe = >>>
    assign(@pinfo, pinfo())
    if(equals(@pinfo[9][0], 'default'),
    runas(~op, /pex user @pinfo[4] group set users)
    die(concat('[', Promoted, '] ', You are now a user))
    msg(concat('[', Error, '] ', You are not a default users))
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    So, what I need to do, if i want in rank VIP write this twice?

    Any more help?

    @UP It's not working.
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    Please answer :(
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    Bumping is against the rules and will not help. If some one has not answered, they arn't going to. My final response is to use PermissionsBukkit. I believe you can set it so certain permissions can rank themselves to certain permissions
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    But how accurately do this?

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