i have plugins and want to be a dev

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by luckyshot21, Aug 20, 2011.

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    Yes, really. My first plugin was put into the release section about one week before a moderator gave me the plugin developer tag.
  3. my plugins on the minecraft forums do good dont really post here where else can you make plugins?
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    what? was my rant a bit harsh? sorry im an angry person D:
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    I get that you were blowing off steam, it was just...a tad out of place? :confused:
  6. no?

    so you just need to get a few plugin put into the 'get plugins' and you MIGHT get a tag?

    just so you know this is the plugin i am working on
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    Getting the tag is pretty easy. If you release a plugin or two, mods will take notice and give it to you. Unfortunately, it may take a bit longer for you to gain your credibility back as moderators don't like when people ask for ranks on the forum.
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    Well, due to this thread and its reasoning...
    AND the fact that @Plague has already seen and commented on it

    I'd say you'd have to work pretty damn hard to get the tag now

    Ninjas, man. They're everywhere.
  9. ok so i might need to wait like 1 month

    ok like a month

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    No, you might need to put your plugin into submissions, format it to perfection (for good first impressions), support it vigorously, and show that you are into developing for more than just a silly purple tag.

    'waiting a month' just continues to show that you're interested in the tag, and nothing else. :rolleyes:
  11. im talking about my plugins geting published:)

    and when i publish submissions for my plugins is it ok if i put in the donate?

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    Thats fine, just make sure its not obnoxious. Also, make sure you follow all of the formatting guidelines before worrying about a donate button.
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    For anyone who is wondering how he started off his developing career:
    He posted 3 stolen plugins in WIP. Literally copy-pasted the posts from other threads.

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    oh the lolz, can't wait until you are banned for stealing plugins, have a nice one
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    Wow. That's pretty funny.

    And yeah, @luckyshot21 -- My plugin, AnnouncemenTNT has been released and added to the "Get Plugins" page, but do you see any tag on this bitch?
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    I get my tag with my first release ;)
    Maybe its becouse my first/main plugin isnt just a few lines of simple Code :p
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    This dude is a troll -- don't let him troll you too D:
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    As soon as you get your dev tag,look into the secret forum..there's a special section called LAWL, for people like this guy...
    I read it for fun!
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    @sddddgjd I already made a plugin, it probably just needs a few updates before I get my tag. I'm working on v0.3 right now, but I don't really have power, and I don't think I can upload plugins from my phone xD
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    Daniel Heppner

    There is NOTHING special about having the badge. Do not develop because you want a badge. Do it because you care about the community and you want it to thrive.
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    This. The reason you dev doesn't have to be exactly that, but the badge really means nothing, so just dev because you want to, not because of some shiny badge you get for doing it.
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    Oh wow, I really enjoyed reading this thread.

    I will certainly watch this thread for more future entertainment.

    I dont care this was started by a troll, the patient and understanding responses of all you guys make this well worth.
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    Just throwing out my opinion after reading a few threads:

    It does annoy me, as a standard admin, to see all these people who release a MOTD plugin or whatever just for the Plugin Developer tag. The tag means nothing, except the fact that you have created a plugin.
    The people spamming the boards with their pointless copy plugins does just make it harder to find original plugins.
    Granted though, the original posters plugin, I've not seen anywhere else and it does seem like a simple but useful idea for tempory block changing. If he were to add an "auto undo" timer I'd use it on my server as a race power.
    That doesn't change the fact he only seemed to make it for the plugin developer tag though.

    I actually just submitted my first plugin too. Its quite simple, and I made it because I wanted to be able to make plugins, not because I wanted a tag. Of course it'd be nice to have that tag, but if I didn't get it I wouldn't rage and refuse to make more plugins, I'm working on another plugin already either way.

    As I read on another thread, we just need some sort of voting system... if a plugin gets 5 votes on DevBukkit then the author will get the "Plugin Developer" tag, that way the community can decide whether it is worthy or not. Frankly I doubt mine will get it currently and I doubt I really deserve the plate :p but my idea is still original and created for the right reasons, and thats the important part.

    EDIT: Also, the OP's signature says "BLOCK CHANGER WILL BE OUT SOON" <-- if its not out yet he definately won't be getting that tag anytime soon.
    Whats happening with the PD status since DevBukkit? I know over there they now have a counter of how many you have.. are they even still adding new PD statuses over here?
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