i have plugins and want to be a dev

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by luckyshot21, Aug 20, 2011.

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  1. well here you guys are i have a plugin COMPLETE NAMED block changer here is what it does

    /blockchange bedrock

    that allows you to be able to right click any block and change it to any block it all so allows you to be able to type

    /blockchange rewind
    and rewinds all changes
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    Then submit your plugin? There's a section for that.
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    Just as an FYI, your signature pretty much guarantees that you won't be getting a developer tag any time soon. To my knowledge, Moderators don't like when people 'ask' for them
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    @DrBoweNur is completely right about this. Although they didn't flat out say that they don't want people asking for developer tags, they did announce that your chances of becoming a moderator after asking for it is slim to none.
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    Why do people care so much about the developer badge :s ?
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    Um, its purple! Only the best color ever!

    (They feel like it will make them superior to anyone without a tag, which is completely false)
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    Plus it's fat and shiny, like a ruby, if you got a developers tag you must be one of those rich dudes that make differences in the world. You can basically RULE the forums if you have such a tag, and can turn people without that tag turn into minions YOU can control. GOD how awesome is it!

    No really, it is pretty much useless, no idea why people like it so much
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    I didn’t think we were allowed to talk about that outside of the amazing secret forum section ? I guess you won;t be invited to the next developer party where we laugh at all the normals.

    Too far ?
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    Hah, muggles. :rolleyes:
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  10. It makes us feel more important / more special to the forums :')
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    Giving plugin developer tag is not mandatory.
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  13. ummm

    there is no point if there is no credit

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    Oh dear !
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    So thats why im not having the purple yet...
    Just because PistonAlert is not good enough? Thanks for letting me know...
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    Getting a plugin developer tag is not credit.
  17. but i will work harder on my plugins because i will be in a group
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    Then you are making them for the wrong reason...
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  20. i seem to work harder when i am in a group of people also i am getting tired of posting plugins on the fourm

    i like it when more people get to see my plugins and can help me make them better and most of my plugins have little to no errors

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    if you make working plugins, by definition, you are a plugin developer. if you are crying about having a purple tag for status, im afraid you are something entirely different.
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    You don't need to have the Plugin Developer tag for that.
  23. but more people will get to see my plugins
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    That is not true. More people will see your plugins if they are coded well and people spread the word. Having a purple tag will not make your plugins more popular.
  25. more people will see it because when you go to 'get plugins' it will be posted there
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    Your submissions will be sent to release just like everyone else's. The purple tag does not magically syphon people onto your plugin page.

    Yeah, you've got it all wrong. You don't need the tag to be in "Get Plugins"

    You need to post a plugin in submissions, format the post correctly, and get it accepted.
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    yea its nice when people like your work but when you get complete imbeciles asking stupid questions on your plugin thread, it gets annoying very quickly. i.e my spout cast plugin, it became somewhat popular too quickly and i got flooded by ***tards asking questions even though i posted the answer in the OP. essentially what im saying is there are too many god damn trolls on this forum, they like to piss off the devs. thats why i rage quit alot of times when creating plugins. i have maybe 5-10% patience, the rest is pure hatred for idiots who cannot follow instructions. if i were you dont make plugins, honestly java is addicting like bacon. you cant have enough! but coding takes up alot of time and you hardly get enough time to spend doing other things.
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    I think you are confusing the Plugin Developer tag with having your plugin released. Your plugins can still get released even if you don't have the tag yet.
  29. well its not very hard for me to make plugins

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    cool story bro. you dont know what the pressure is then. create a popular plugin and see what happens.
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