I have a normal minecraft server, installed bukkit server, how do i go in my bukkit server?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by skdud116, Aug 28, 2013.

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    Firstly, yes you can call me a noob to minecraft servers. I recently just knew bukkit so i wanted a bukkit server so i can install plugins and all that good stuff for servers.
    How do i go in my bukkit server? I tried the "Whatsmyipaddress" and it was the ip address for my normal minecraft server, but i gave it a go, but it says server outdated.
    Please help, and im kinda new to the forums so my mistake if i put it in the wrong forums.
    I use window 7
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    I'm not sure about how to do it locally but I know if you go to Game Hosting Essentials I can hook you up with a server and set it all up for you. We charge $5/GB of RAM. 1GB can usually hold about 20 players and a handful of plugins. We also currently have a promo code NEW15 that gets you 15% off of your first invoice. When you have a server hosted through us and you get your files setup on the server, it's as simple as hitting "Start". The control panel does all the work and it will make your life easier!
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    Do you know how to run a bukkit server? click here
    Btw you can connect to your local server by typing ip box "localhost"
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    Remember that you can't run your regular minecraft server and your bukkit server on the same port (usually 25565) at the same time.
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