I hate Mojang More and More Everyday...

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by lecraeman, Apr 12, 2014.

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    They all have devbuilds with UUID support however.
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    I'm using Dev builds and they support UUID.
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    Did you actually read what I posted?
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    Yes I did, you said are using release builds, and I said that you can use dev builds , they do support UUID.
    everyone now is using dev builds to get the latest supported version. most of release builds are outdated, inactive or does not work with newer bukkit versions.
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    Ummm... No, they're not.
  6. Typical reasons not to update are:
    a) Not trusting CraftBukkit dev builds.
    b) Not trusting plugins dev builds.
    c) Not trusting Minecraft (typically legacy server :p).

    Some dick-ball forum post won't make people update, but a CraftBukkit beta build could...

    Actually not quite.

    Now that a beta build is available, many more people will update to 1.7.9, though. Hosters provide buttons for beta and release usually...

    The support (request) wave will hit the shores of plugin developers soon :p.
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    It's not issue with trust or that people are scared of Dev builds. it's maybe because of this post.
    People and server owners think of it as a monster update and they are biting their balls and scared of this.
    They think all of their plugin will not work and everything will be messed up.
    UUID is nothing special. it's just a new Identification system.
    and of course a lot of idiots make posts saying that it's very dangerous and bad to update and they tell everyone to use 1.7.2 and never update their client to the latest version, which is insane. who would prefer to play on outdated server?

    To server owners: "you don't have to rip of your dick, just download the latest bukkit dev build, and update all of your plugins, test it in local server and fix bugs and issues, upload everything via FTP. Done."
  8. It's always an issue of trust - you are claiming people should be more trusting than usually, however if you assume that some people don't trust dev builds by default, then the 15th of may is the first moment at which they might have considered updating for the first time, because there the first Craftbukit beta build was released for > 1.7.5.

    Not a lot time has passed since - i think there is not enough base for calling the not-yet-updaters names here.

    Unfortunately that's not entirely correct. It's not "just a new identification system", as was discussed in that thread linked by your post! Do note that the thread was not about trying to make people not update, but it was about discussing the actual problems that come with this change, have you actually followed that discussion at all?

    Playing on an "outdated server" is no problem by itself whatsoever - what are the new features in 1.7.9/multiplayer that make it so much better than 1.7.2? Since CraftBukkit will always be slightly behind, players should learn switching versions around anyway. Most player probably don't switch around client versions, for whatever reasons, the main problems will show once name changing is live anyway.

    You might have to roll back a couple of times if you do this now: "dev builds".
    For later you have to understand how commands will work then and what the problems with using uuids are (loss of reliability of using names in commands/signs) - whoops... how do you migrate all the signs and data carrying player names, can the plugins really do that on their own and what will they work like then? Could be the plugins die or change to something completely different, or does there exist a substitute... and how to migrate the data then and will the plugins handle it all in the same way or will i have 5 differing paradigms in use on my server and how do i explain that to my players? These questions are not so simple to answer with testing some plugins dev builds, probably also not fun either - still if you plan on ever updating, you will at some point have to start, so...

    Conclusion: I do recommend to start updating, if you plan on keeping data, because migrating a legacy server with complex plugins/data will not be fun, once name changing is live. But you should be prepared for having to roll back a couple of times. With name changing being live, the real problems will show up (late), so keep keeping some backups :p.

    Alternative(?): It's also possible to start over completely with name changing, or to stay legacy until some random future date and then start over, even until after name changing is live. However keeping any property/data needs to fetch the original owners uuids and probably even to prevent players from joining who took a previously known name, for which a tool/plugin is needed.
    Migrating any past data "late", e.g. donators, will need some custom data migration, unless the plugins provide some cross-period migration feature. Note that fetching the uuids must be done before name changing is live for already known players!
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    Man, your right. Names in Minecraft were an identifier and a bit personal. But now:

    He is a hacker -> hacker changes name -> Welcome Hackerwhichchangedhisname how are you?

    I know there are the UUIDs but what happens when there is Nobody who can ban others
  10. Banning will use UUIDs - so once you are sure who is the player to ban, there is no way to get back with changed name.

    If the offender is online banning by name should be safe, if the player is not online, i am not entirely sure who would get banned for the case names got changed around, but the hope is that it will be documented at some point.

    Dealing with referencing offline players has at least two choices in general: use the player who played with that name last, or look up the uuid at Mojang and use (Edit: ban) that player - one should note that either way referencing another player than intended is possible. Maybe banning is not the best example for trouble, but any kind of commands or sign-based interaction using names can lead to confusion, especially if plugins handle those edge-cases differently ("who is brian?"). The problems don't go away with a player who changed his name to a previously known one is online, because there can be other players who do not intend to address that one.

    Name changing will probably not be possible every hour/day/month, but it will still allow for some nasty things to happen :p.
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    I agree it's going to be harder to recognize everyone and this is an advantage to trolls
    For example. "Hey I'm jeb_ I decided to change my name to Trolololol so like ya"
    Getting away with that could be easy
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    Honestly, UUIDs should of been implemented (and pushed) by Mojang a long time ago (it should of probably started out as UUIDs) but, that doesn't mean I agree with name-changing.

    On our server, we have a bunch of kids, which I have to administrate. People changing their names will be pretty chaotic when it does happen.

    We've already updated to 1.7.9 (I'm actually surprised that more servers haven't), and still have some plugins that store data using names. I'm hoping all of the plugins update, but I'm not sure they will.
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    Why are so many people complaining?
    changing a plugin to use uuid is an incredibly simple thing to do...

    only reason why i could imagine would be that uuids change... but if they did then that defeats the purpose of a uuid.

    anyway, point of this post is to say things arent going to be broke for long after 1.8 releases, plugin devs that care about their plugins will surely switch and if they dont you can easily just decompile their jars and do it for them, uuid is part of the bukkit api, so its a trivial change.

    a lot of the minecraft community has wanted to be able to change their names for a really long time, be thankful.
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    Taking note on the last part.. I hate being SliceSwordGirl77 now, and would love to change that silly name to something more extraordinary. like.. (still thinking).................... Wrath-of-Eldar......... or something...

    I could use a better MC name.
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    Well, I'm glad it's "incredibly simple" and "trivial" for a genius like you. But for me, and I suspect the vast majority of server owners, it's incredibly difficult. I don't have the slightest clue on how to change a plugin that stores player data in a MySQL database in order to use UUIDs instead of player names and retain all plugin functionality. And even if I did have a clue, I certainly don't have the time to mess with other peoples' plugins.

    And then there's the issue of "All Rights Reserved" plugins. Decompiling them and modifying the source as you advocate is a violation and places a server owner at risk.
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    Technically, plugin authors can't license their software like that. Bukkit and CraftBukkit's licenses allow for modification.
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    Why are you complaining with mojang about 'plugins' that are bukkit's? Namechanges can only be done once and you have to pay for it to do it for a 2nd time. I't won't be like skype or steam where they change their name based on a movie they've just seen.

    I think this is great, in the early days it wasn't clear that minecraft account on the site would have the same name as your character ingame. For those people who have stupid names they can now finally change it.

    And personally I prefer someone changing their name on all servers then requesting all servers owners to install /nick plugins...

    Bobcat00 just like he sais, I made around 700 private plugins for bukkit. When I first read that line "playernames deprecated" I was like . "NOOO", but its just as simple as doing:
    CTRL+H and replace all. Converted all my plugins in 2 minutes.

    And you shoudn't trust plugins that are not updating, some errors are not visible..

    Bukkit is a comunity, ask help and help will be given if asked politly - If

    If you want to go that far, all plugins are illegal due to bukkit using GPL :p

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    Source please?
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    1) Please do not say "its just easy as pressing CTRL+H". Just because you can do that "so easily" does not mean that everyone else can do the same. There are many problems that you will encounter if you have stored the playername in a database for example. I doubt that you can fix those plugins in less than 10 seconds unless you dont test your code or you prepared for that a long time ago.

    This thread has made it to page 5 ... It seems to me that this is a real problem for many coders especially for those who just started learning java. They simply might don't get it why this change is needed and how to react to that.

    2) You do not use the term "illegal" correctly. Violating a license does not mean that the program in question is illegal. Those are completely different terms.

    3) If you make statements like "you have to pay for it to change your name a second time" give sources otherwise i can only assume that you talk gibberish.

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    1) Well databases might be the only issue. But even then I don't doubt that someone will make a tool compatible for every database (and if no one does, I will). <-- That tool would be for the devs that say "Ok updated to uuids, delete the database to make it work!"

    But what I want to make clear is not that you will be able to do it, but that devs of active plugins like you mentioned in your first post will update. About the others, find replacements if they don't update there is no use of keeping a 1 legged horse alive.

    2) Violating a license is against the law, But it's too much to talk about on a simple peaceful topic like this :p

    3) Can't find the source atm, but Im sure I've read it somewhere a few months back.
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