I can't find the plugin! Help!

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by yourawesomebro, May 20, 2012.

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    I am looking for the plugin that announces new comers to the server. Example =
    [server] coolcat64 just joined the server for the first time!
    256 unique players have joined this server


    [server] Welcome back, coolcat64

    I really need this plugin. Thanks

    Plase guys, what plugin does this?

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    automatically does it.
  6. if you are not able to do this with essentials, I can create a plugin for you.
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    Why, wtf there are hundreds of these plugins! Look at my post above!

    :D thanks for the likes !

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    Don't comment if you have nothing nice to say, its just every server I go on has the [server] player joined stuff and I want it too!
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    I didn't want to be rude, I am just saying there are a lot of these plugins, idk why you bother plugin developers to make another of these plugins...
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    Because alot of servers I go on have this feature.
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    The one you are looking for is from McMyAdmin. But as Royalgamer06 said, Why hassle others when there are many plugins that do it. Are you an idiot? Or just a troll?
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    The really big servers have this feature. I want one that announces a new player and how many players have joined the server! Thats all
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    I've told you twice! It's part of McMyAdmin, I used to have it on my server. Stop asking and maybe look at what people are showing you! GRRRR :mad:
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    I can second the fact that that is part of McMyAdmin. Making a plugin that does this would be like re-inventing the wheel...
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    • Not acceptable behavior.
    You are fcking retarted ... :D
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    I have people saying its another plugin and people saying is essentials or mcmyadmin. Its a bit hard to choose when people are calling me A fucking retard and blurting a answer. I just want a solid - Straight answer please. MCmyadmin or essentials?!!?!?!?!
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    It's not Essentials. Essentials doesn't match up exactly to what you posted.

    [Server] Welcome <player> to the server!

    is all that Essentials says. If you had two options, why didn't you research both? Look up greeting messages for both, and I'm sure you would have found the answer.
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    McMyAdmin: does what you described
    Essentials: does something similar
    50 other plugins: do something similar
    Asking to make another one: does annoy people
    Asking everyone to figure everything out for you: does nothing

    Search first, ask questions second.
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