I can join my Minecraft Server but noone else can...?

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Is it going to be difficult to fix this and/or am I not able to make a Minecraft Server?

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  1. It is going to be difficult to fix this.

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  2. It is NOT going to be difficult to fix this.

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  3. You are and will be able to make a Minecraft Server, don't worry.

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  4. You CANNOT make a Minecraft Server, sorry I can't help you.

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    Hey guys, I downloaded Craftbukkit 1.4.6-R0.1 and I can join my server, but noone else can I enabled Java on the Firewall and I'm pretty sure I port forwarded it correctly, I put "?" to block IP information and others, anyways I went on canyouseeme.org I also gave 3 different people to test out my IP this is what I got on canyouseeme.org:
    Your IP: 74.??.56.???
    What Port?
    Error: I could not see your service on 74.??.56.??? on port (25565)
    Reason: Connection refused

    More Information:
    Firewall status

    Firewall active

    The firewall actively blocks access of unwanted activity from the Internet.
    Current settings: custom

    Device: Android
    Allowed Applications: Minecraft
    Application type: PPTP virtual private network server
    Protocol: TCP
    Port #'s: 25565
    Public IP: 74.??.56.???

    If you can help me out, I'd be grateful, thanks....


    P.S: (I got my IP from Ipchicken.com and whatsmyip.org/net)

    I hope that information helped...

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    I would use No-Ip and check if you have done everything right. Sorry, but that's all the Windows advice I can give. My
    Mac advice is to get Port Map and port forward using that.
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    I don't quite understand by No-IP? I'm pretty sure I've done everything right, I can join... Can anyone else help me out? (Bump)
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    Jade Retired Staff

    Something on your computer is blocking it. Another instance could be already using the port. Or you incorrectly port forwarded. (You can never say you've done it correctly if it won't see it on canyouseeme.) Your LocalIP (i.e. 192.168.?.?)
    could have changed during a reboot of the router/computer.
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    Didn't reboot my router/computer. It is enabled on the firewall and it shows on my Bell homepage configuration that it is portforwarded... I put "?" to reduce the chance of someone hacking/ddosing my IP, you never know... :p Can anyone else help me out here? I got Skype and Teamview...

    Hmm... Noone can help? I guess I have no choice but to rent a server, but I still want to try this out. Let me know if anyone can solve this. :S

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    I also have the same exact issue.
    already verified im using the correct IP address since i have 4 static IPs on my internet system.
    I ported port number 25565 to the linksys router and made sure the minecraft server is using that port under the server.properties.
    Also added a firewall rule for both incoming and outgoing for port 25565 on the win 7 host.
    I'm the only one that can access the server both internally and externally from multiple PCs.
    when i connect, the server list has all the info for the server, like player slots, domain name, and bar signal(which are all green).
    but when my friends try connecting, they see only polling and a few seconds later it says cannot reach server or something like that. when they try connecting directly, a message pops us saying connection times out: connection.
    this is just the weirdest thing.
    Also i had them verify that the port was open with yougetsignal.com open port checker and i checked with http://canyouseeme.org and verified with both sites that the port 25565 is open.

    i'm not sure id this is relevant of not but here it goes.
    after a set up the server, I copied the world i play in single mode and replaced it with the one on the server. it loaded up fine with no error when I started the server.

    anything else i missed?
    FYI I'm new to Minecraft in general so please be patient with me, however have a bit of networking background.
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    WTF?!? Dont rent!?? hahaha:p

    I'll get your server up and running for you:) EASY.
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    With these router forwarding things, however, the solution is usually quite individual, so it's a good idea to start your own thread about it.
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    Well, i found what my individual problem was...
    My friends and I are using the same ISP but i have a static IP which means we are in a different network all together,
    it turns out that the reason my friends were seeing that cannot reach server. is because while we are using the same ISP, we were not set up to communicate with each other.
    So the Ironic part is that i actually work for my ISP. lol
    So i went to a friend that manages the firewall and we figured out that both networks have the same security level which was not set up to communicate with each other. :D
    we added a simple command to the firewall and all is well. now my friends can access my server with awesome ping time since its a fiber network.

    So for any one else having issues, have your friend at least try and ping your IP address after you allow ping through your router or PC, and see if they can. if they cant, then its your ISP.

    Hope this helps!
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    open cmd on windows and type netstat -an |find /i "listening" .Tell me if you see [**]:25565,when not,the port is not listening on your computer,or use other ports that is 5 numbers in netstat.when this thing didn't help you,tell me.
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    did you put your ip into the server.properties?
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    1) Is your server running in console error free?
    2) Just look back at your ip & ports.

    open CMD type ipconfig look for your IPv4 Address.
    In your router setting make sure that the ports are open for that Address.

    the site above will make sure they are open outside your network.

    Also who is your ISP? some are known for blocking minecraft , web & more ports.

    i.e 80,21 etc....

    Also read my post reply above.
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    Hey guys i am making a server and i have finished everything but people cant join. My friend can only join if he is at my house. Does anyone have any tips on how to fix this. If i cant fix it then i will have to rent a server. Please really need help i have tried everything.:)
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    List your info. Use this to help you
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