I am looking for a fellow newbie Bukkit developer

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by ZP18, Feb 8, 2015.

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    I am new to Bukkit dev and I am currently working on my own essentials plugin, but I would like to do it with someone who is also new to Bukkit dev, so if you want to work with me just reply to this thread!
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    I'm new. Actually, i'm old, but i'm still a newb.
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    I am new at this. I know only basic but I want to learn.
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    Still need one?
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    Sure! Do you have G+ hangouts or iMessage? @Jayyy
  7. Isn't it better to work with someone that actually has expierence and knows a few tricks about bukkit plugins instead of a newbie that makes so much wrong?
  8. I could be of help with your project. However, I only code if there is a point to it (ex: It'll do something cool, make minecraft better, or fix something another plugin is missing).

    Currently there are tens of plugins that just copy the features of Essentials, lack new content, and even miss some things that Essentials has. So why are you wanting to make yet another one? How will this plugin be different, or is this just coding for coding's sake?
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    Do you still need a developer to help you out?
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    Not really, but I might accept one more person, already have a three-man team, how experienced are you?
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    @ZP18 I'm willing to join.
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    Same I'm still learning java but I can do most things still having issues learning ArrayLists and Hashmaps though but other than that I know the basics
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    Sorry looking for more experience people
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    sahdghgaugysuydfasugydfuagifdugagdfuyaggydfu shakalakadingdong

    is our brain messed up?
    just kidding, you see, "ha ha"

    if you want a team, you should see on minecraftforum too, in the staff recruitment section
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