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    Plugin category: SEC

    Suggested name: HWID Ban

    What I want:
    We, like every big server, face problem with griefers and cheaters, as well as HACKERS, so we would like to have a HWID ban plugin.

    Ideas for commands:
    /hban player (duration).

    Ideas for permissions:
    hban.use - Can ban others by HWID.
    hban.never - Can never be banned by others.
    hban.super - Can ban others ever when hban.never is applied.

    When I'd like it by: AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!!
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    So, what exactly is a HWID ban? I'm confused how this is different from any other banning plugin, or even the built in banning features.
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    Yes, I'm not sure. Why is every other single ban plugin that exists not right for you? And what constitutes as an HWID ban??
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    is it like /tempban or something, idk. if u wont a /tempban command there is a lot of those in the plugins list.
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    Woah. You want to ban per HardwareID. The address use for comminucation for drivers? or the MAC address considering both are near impossible. About 50% of pingbacks will timeout and the chances of successfully pulling the mac address without the ping request timing or lagging the system are slim to none. This type of checking would not be beneficial. For anyone who wants to try this.
    Code (open)

    public void findMacAddress(String ip) throws SocketException, UnknownHostException{
    InetAddress add = InetAddress.getByName(ip);
            NetworkInterface ni = NetworkInterface.getByInetAddress(add);
            if (ni != null) {
                byte[] mac = ni.getHardwareAddress();
                if (mac != null) {
                    for (int k = 0; k < mac.length; k++) {
                        System.out.format("%02X%s", mac[k], (k < mac.length - 1) ? "-" : "");
                } else {
                    System.out.println("Address doesn't exist ");
            } else {
                System.out.println("address is not found.");
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    As the plugin's name says, I want a HardwareID ban. Neither MAC, nor IP ban.
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    May I ask why? I could create this.. but I'm not going to unless there's a good explanation for it. Why are the hundred banning plugins out there not good enough? Why do you need an HWID ban? As death marine said, it would't be efficient.
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    Actually I'll stop you right there. Not possible with out a client mod or a hack. Not even touching this. You can't query the windows management console through bukkit or even other operating systems for that matter. (Other than your own machine with jWMI)

    If paranoia comes to that point. Whitelist.
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    It would be, ESPECIALLY on offline mode servers.
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    Except Bukkit doesn't support offline servers... And that would really be the only use. :3
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    Haha, no.
  12. Offline servers are for people who stole the game. Whether bukkit supports Offline Servers does not matter, since the majority of Devs (that I know of) doesn't. This means that your plugin probably will not be made, if it only benefits an offline server. We've seen this with people coming on here yelling: "OMG Y U NO MOD FORCE OP?"

    If you don't use offline mode a ban is more than enough to keep players off your server.

    I don't get why you are laughing.

    You are so 'out of line', that I don't even know, if you know there is one.

    95% sure Deathmarine is right.
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    >pirate Minecraft
    >it was "stolen", so the original is lost
    >now no one can buy Minecraft

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    Cmon, stop spamming with thread with all that stuff!
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    You've already been told, it's not possible. The server cannot access things within the client and its host PC.
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    You would need a modified client to generate a hardware id for you to ban.

    If you can convince all people who want to "hack" (horribly misused term) your server to use your modified client that generates that hardware ID for you to ban, you can probably just not include those "hacks" in your own modified client.

    online-mode=true will stop those with non premium user names.

    Locked. Not possible.
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