HurpDurp - Annoy people with a passion [Permissions] [953]

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    HurpDurp - Annoy people with a passion!
    Version: 1.2 [JAR]
    Description: Basically what this plugin gives you, is just immense power over annoying players. With multiple commands and multiple options, and well that's just it.

    • Annoy specified players
    • Multiple annoyance levels(Low,Medium,High) Should be available in the next release/build
    • Multiple annoying options(Troll, HurpDurp, and just straight annoy)
    • Permissions support
    • /hurpdurp <playername>
    • /extrahurps <playername>
    • /troll <playername> - Not working to great atm. It's uncompleted but should be available soon
    • Customizable configuration file.
    • Annoyance list
    • Spam option
    • Multiple annoyance levels
    • Finish troll option
    • Kill/hurt option
    Other Information:
    Okay first of all, most credits go to captainawesome7 for creating this wonderful plugin and giving me many idea's for add-on's for it. But seeing as how he has not updated it in a very long while, i decided i would update it myself

    Began working on the configuration file, should be available in the next release.

    Version: 1.2
    More annoying options
    Version: 1.1
    Few bug fixes, and a few features being worked on
    Version 1.0
    Initial release
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    • /hurpdurp <playername>
    • /extrahurps <playername>
    • /troll <playername>
    So what do these commands do?
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    HurpDurp - When a player breaks a block/places a block it will send them odd messages like "HURPDURP OMGWDFBBQHAX" and when they are added to the list it will send them a message saying something like "HURP DURPLE NURPLEZ" just really annoying, and get on my nerves more type messages. Along with the other effect, of it sending them a message of what they do... and just about everything they do
    extrahurps sends them these odd messages when moving/right clicking air/blocks and etc.
    Well there is the troll option. lol, when a player breaks a block or places a block a message will appear:
    "Are you sure you want to do that? If so just type:"
    "/asdfknasllwldmmakllILIIL8ZKN3 accept"
    And then when they type that in, it will give them another message:
    "Are you positive? If so just type:"
    "/dfk43l52lkkfksomm3nn45lz0 positive"
    and if they have gotten this far, it will just say "Cannot compute" and kill them
    But its not finished, so ill add the rest here in a minute =]
    But like i said, Multiple annoyance levels will be added soon, so you can spam the victim, etc.
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