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    Hey Dudes!
    Heres a new Request! I need help with a Mod. Here's a Description:

    "Hunter vs. Soldier" is about the fight between the Hunter and the Soldier.
    Two Hunter, which can be nearly invisible in a amount of time, stand against a team of 14 well equipped Soldier.
    If a Hunter kills a Soldier, the Soldier will get a Hunter.

    The Hunter has the ability to be invisible. This ability costs energy, which has to recharge, if it runs out.
    He will spawn with an enchanted (smth. like Power 3) Bow, and 1 enchanted Sword.

    The Soldier will spawn with an enchanted sword and Armour. He will aswell get one EMP-Grenade.
    The EMP-Grenade will make a Hunter in the radius of it visible.

    You are interested in help us? Then write an Answer here! We need your help! Thanks.

    Greetz Mineplace Staff

    -Sorry for the English, I am German-
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    Already being made by me!
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    Small notice: "get" means "bekommen" in the sense of "erhalten"
    "become" means "bekommen" in the sense of "werden"
    You meant: the soldier will become a hunter

    Bukkit is a "mod", you are asking for a plugin, not a mod.
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    Actually, a plugin is a server mod.
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    No One? Come on! This could be a new Hungergames! We need TeamMembers.

    Push it UpP.

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