Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by SolaceNationMC, Feb 13, 2014.

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    Some reason, All players, dont loose hunger, in all words, everywhere, its been driving me crazy..

    Any Answers or anything that could be a solution to this annoying thing, would be amazing

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    Can you paste your plugins


    Do /pl and paste them there
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    Is your world on peaceful mode? :)
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    Here you go Nathan2439

    Also No, My World is not on peaceful mode, its on easy, thank you btw :) I also figured they are not taking water damage? So when they go under water, their bubbles just regen too... Im Confused, Any help again guys, would mean the world. - Matty
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    Hmmm that is a very peculiar issue that you have.... Try looking through the WorldGuard, CoreProtect, (or maybe plotme) config files. Also, see if you can find out when this problem started and try to find any changes that you made. :)
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    Okay, :) Thanks.
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    I would look at mwParkour2. It looks like it stops hunger loss.
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    Thanks dude, Ill have a look now! Would that be the problem to drowning aswell?
    - Thanks All the same
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