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    Now please dont think this is a plea for a better survival games plugin because I'm too lazy too look up one. This plugin idea is different, its roleplay.
    What I want: A plugin where when players join my server they are assigned to one of 12 districts or the capitol. Every so often an admin is able to easily start a hunger games. I would prefer the games to come as a developement and the plugin to start simple. Now once a player has a certain amount of money.
    Commands: I dont see a need for any except admin ones like /hgr create 1 etc

    I know this is a very vague plugin request but its open because im sure everyone has their own ideas about how this could be made. Please leave a comment or pm me if your having a go at making it and you require something. I already have a panem map so dw bout that part.

    Thank you
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    I was thinking about this the other day, would love to see it made.
    I'd create a server for this also! ;)
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    I'll give this a go. But i am going to need more information. Like Name, and general purpose of the plugin. Yet i understand vaguely what you want. You can either start a conversation with me or add my on skype: bukrmc


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