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  1. Plugin category: Economy

    Suggested name: HungerCraftEconomy

    A bit about us: We are new to Bukkit and plugins but have great ideas for a Hunger Games based server. After reading the books and watching the movie, it seemed like we just needed to recreate this in minecraft. We are designing and making all 13 districts of Panem to look like what we imagined. A mayor will be selected for each district and in survival mode must build up there district. Under law of the capitol, any decision a mayor may come across will be approved by the President or Capitol staff. We will start out with only one district and grow as the server gains more people.

    What we would like:

    - #1: We would like an economy that will allow the mayor of each district to send fees(Money/supplies from district’s specialty resources) to the capitol. From there the capitol will send those gathered resources equally for the uses of other districts.

    -#2: We would also like a basic money system where an admin can give them self money to bring into circulation then will no longer be needed as a command. After money is into circulation mayors will be given a certain amount, then people will do jobs in there district which will get them money. People will buy stuff a local markets so an easy to use shop and individual selling system would be good.

    -#3: Maybe a trading system where one person asks another in chat by typing /trade <username> <item> for <item> or /trade <item> <money> and vice versa. Then a invite type thing will go to another person showing the requested trade. The person can say /accept or
    /decline. People will only be able to trade in there district.

    -#4: Maybe a district system where districts are areas of blocks. So when a person walks into the area it tells them where they are. Districts will also be created with this command:
    /createdistrict <name> <radius> <block> then it would make a stone slab boarder or what ever block works. It would also identify it as a region and would show up on a list and could be named.

    Ideas for commands:

    /give money <amount> (for the start of money circulation)
    /money (to see how much)
    /pay <username> <amount> (for paying other players)
    /send <block name or Id> <amount>
    /give <block name or Id> < amount>
    /sell <block name or Id> <amount>

    Ideas for permissions:

    -Only ops will be allowed to bring money into circulation.
    -the rest of the ideas for the commands will all work for non-ops
    - only ops can do /createdistrict

    When we'd like it by: As soon as possible but we want a good job done so take your time. If this Plugin is too complex let us know and we will take some excess stuff out for now. We know that there are plugins like this but it would be nice to have it all in one.

    Similar plugin requests:

    I have seen lots of hunger games plugins but mostly asking for arena stuff. With our server we are focusing on economy and trade and regions.

    Thanks for reading and hope someone wold like to make this for public use.
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    Another HungerGames Request.
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    All of the above sounds perfectly possible with existing plugins already, The hunger games idea has been used on my server as one of our worlds.... were currently setting it up with a pvp arena in the middle.

    Its shaping up quite nice...

    Anyway, Iconomy, it allows an economy within your server which of course you can send money to each other, or pay for things via other plugins, as for sending money to the state, perhaps you';d have to have the main admin acting as the president and his balance being the states balance, make sence?

    If you want a way to pay taxes then maybe the plugins used to run commands from signs could work nicly? Perhaps a sign you can click to pay tax, and it then runs the command to pay money to the admins account?

    a trading system? Well i personally use chestshops, allow people to buy/rent a shop and setup there chestshops where they can both sell and offer to buy certain items of there choice.

    As for district messages, thats easiest of all. use world guard, create your regions around the districts and simply use the command /region flag entry-message Welcome to district..... etc? (May not be the correct flag, but google will tell you if not) Off the top off my head here :)
  4. Would all the plugins work together fine? If so I will try them out.
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    I feel that Minecraft servers are similar to films...
    When a film comes out a video game comes out for said film...
    See what I'm saying?
  6. We are creating our server to look like what we imagined in our heads. I see your point but we had this idea before the movie came out.
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    It doesn't matter when you came up with the idea. It's just since the film released over what, 5? requests for a similar/same plugin have been requested.
  8. Most of the requests have been to long. I guess I'll wait for one to come out. There is one thing that nobody has made yet and I plan to ask for it but other than that I'll wait for the other ones and only request stuff that has not been requested.

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