Huge holes in map

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by FrozenTwinki, Apr 5, 2011.

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    there are huge holes in the map, especially when people die. It goes away when i restart the server though. and only when poeple die is when they see it. i am using 626
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    If people jump into it, do they fall all the way through and die, or do they sort of bounce as if the server is telling them they can't be falling?
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    they fall and die
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    o.o That's not normal, nor have I EVER seen that bug. Sounds like the actual player object that is getting tracked by the server is getting separated from the client, and so the client can wander into an unloaded area and fall to their death.............but then it wouldn't register them dieing in the void because it wouldn't be tracking them........ What plugins are you using?
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    I have seen this, too. It used to be the trampoline chunk errors, but lately we get them in the MIDDLE OF THE CITY. When we die, our deathannouncer mod tells us it was the void, if that helps, as opposed to unknown reason or etc.
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    I'm getting a lot of holes in the world too. Players spawn in them too and can't get out. Even after closing Minecraft.
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    I would like to add that I am also getting some random holes in the world on my server. Sometimes a client restart is required, other times a server restart is required.
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    these sound big i know it happens on client side but now it is happening on server side

    give me a list of plugins

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    For me, running bukkit 617, falsebook 0.81, deathmessage, loginmessage.
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    Happening to me too. I've even tried using the latest dev build of craftbukkit that fixes "chunk issues" but no dice. Using no plugins also yields the same problem. Didn't try vanilla MC.
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    I have been getting this as well, both with plugins and without plugins, running 617. It seems the server itself is just failing to load certain chunks. I've noticed that if you place a block inside of one of the holes, the server will then load the chunk again, and you can log out and back in and everything will be back to normal.

    I haven't tried a vanilla MC server yet, but I probably will later tonight.
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    I would be interrested to hear about the outcome of your test, or if other ppl have a fix for this. Thanks for the workaround tho, that means I wont have to reboot the server evrytime it happens.
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    We also have this problem on our server. It seems that if a person dies, he respawns on the same spot he died but the chunk is gone. So the player ends up falling out of the world and either dying or falling indefinitely (doesn't happen as often). Relogging does no help to solve this error. It is only solved by teleporting the player out of the void and restarting the server.

    This bug has appeared on both 617 and 670. It does not appear in vanilla.

    If anyone finds a solution, please share it. We had to move back to vanilla because the bug was too problematic.

    EDIT: Worth adding that we have tried with and without plugins.

    Further testing has revealed that the bug doesn't seem to appear when only one user is online. I tried dying a few times alone on the server and I respawned properly next to my bed. When the other admin joined and I tried dying again the chunk bug appeared.
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    This has happened to a few of my players, I have no clue how to fix it so help would be great. They respawn after dying and end of dying over and over again until me or another admin TP's them. I've never encountered it, only 3 of my players have had it, and it's recurring.

    I don't know if updating to #670 will help, I'm in school now and I'll be testing later on this evening. If nobody posts the cure, I'll be back tonight with news.
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