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    Plugin Name:
    Most of the servers use this plugin, to decrease players lag, for instance like Hub1 2 3 etc.. There is a plugin like this, but for bungeeCord and I need it to bukkit. Can anyone make it?
    - /setrandomhub 1 - Sets Hub 1.
    - /setrandomhub 2 - Same as above.
    - /setrandomhub 3 - Same as above
    randomhub.set.1 - Set Hub 1
    randomhub.set.2 - Set Hub 2
    randomhub.set.3 - Set Hub 3
    Config Options:
    X, Y, Z cords about Hub 1
    X, Y, Z cords about Hub 2
    X, Y, Z cords about Hub 3

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