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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by coolmonkeyguy, May 28, 2013.

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    So I made a thread for this early but it never got answered so ill ask again with more detail.

    I am trying to make a plugin that will work along side essentials /setspawn /spawn commands. Basically this will allow me to have a hub spawn for my server as well as another location for /spawn. I tried using " p.getWorld().setSpawnLocation " but this just sets the world spawn which does not work with the essentials /spawn.
    This could even be like a /warp command but i want it to be /hub.

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    coolmonkeyguy You might have to hook into Essentials, as they do not use the world.getSpawn() method to get the spawn I think. They have it stored in a config file as far I as know.
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    So how would I make it so you can set a warp but instead of calling it something just be like /hub and set it using /sethub
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    You save the coordinates of the location to a config, which is writing the data, then you must read the data ands turn it into a location in the code.
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    sorry im a major coding newb could u show an easier way of doing it?
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